April 25th, 2022
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Worth The Wait

At a lunch last week, I wore three items that I’d bought in 2020, then shelved. The Celine dress, and Dior Resort 2021 bag and Dior Pre-Fall 2020 shoes finally saw the light of day and I’m very glad I have them. Below, the SS22 Celine dress, that I’ve had my eye on since the collection film, ticks all the same boxes. And, I bought and love the Saint Laurent crossbody bag — it’s just what I needed.

  • Love it all- especially the Celine dress! xo, Heidi

    Heidi WynneApril 25th, 2022  11:21 AM

  • Preston-
    Hello! Love your site! Have been a devotee for years….

    Now that so many of us are easing back into to a semblance of life pre-Covid, I think many are anxious to resume our travels, but feel out of practice when it comes to packing chic pieces that are efficient, practical and easy for travel.

    I had a quick trip to Italy in February and just returned from a quick Spring Break with my daughter to London & Paris. I really stressed about packing for both trips because I just felt overwhelmed by not having dressed “on the go” like I’d done for so many years.

    I’m returning to Tuscany and Positano this summer….I know I and others would love your advice for summer getaways. My bikini days are long gone, but I’d love any suggestions you might have! Be well and keep having fun!

    KimApril 25th, 2022  11:25 AM

  • Over the weekend, I went to my first two parties in two years and wore all new items. Well, they were new when I bought them two years ago and never worn. What a joy!

    CarolApril 25th, 2022  11:54 AM

  • That Dior Bobby is spectacular! I swooned when I saw it in the Cruise 2020 show, a work of art.

    NinaApril 25th, 2022  12:01 PM

  • Carol, I’m so excited to wear ‘new’ things bought pre-lockdown that I don’t have a spring list. My wallet is happy, too 😉

    PrestonApril 25th, 2022  12:04 PM

  • So happy you loved the SL bag, I’m sure it looks fantastic on you. Always envied your ability to wear shirt dresses, I look like the scary teacher from Matilda.

    SueMApril 25th, 2022  1:55 PM

  • Oh là là ! I love all your choices.

    SLFApril 25th, 2022  2:08 PM

  • SueM, I tinkered with this dress for two years (took fabric out of the back, shortened, and right before the lunch, cut off the belt loops). A shirtdress can be very tricky.

    PrestonApril 25th, 2022  3:13 PM

  • Preston – I have been on the hunt for crossbody that can accommodate my macbook – why are these so hard to find? if you have any ideas I would love to see (and I know I am not the only one – now that we are going back to the office how do we chicly schlepp???). Thx for your advice.

    OMDApril 25th, 2022  9:34 PM

  • Preston – you look gorgeous and hope you had a very Happy Birthday. Beautiful pieces and glad you got to wear them. I do have a “practicality” question. I seem to be handbag challenged. Why would the St. Laurent black work, when you have that gorgeous CD? Why not use that for Rome? Is it a size thing, or something else?

    KathyApril 26th, 2022  8:46 AM

  • Thank you, Kathy, 60 suits me. I wanted a bag that fits snuggly under my arm and that I won’t worry about when shoved into the seat pocket, etc. Also works under a coat, which I’ve started doing in NYC.

    PrestonApril 26th, 2022  9:17 AM

  • Thanks for the answer – makes sense.

    KathyApril 26th, 2022  9:21 AM

  • I love that picture- you look absolutely beautiful! And the dress and purse are gorgeous!

    KateApril 26th, 2022  10:56 AM

  • That handbag mirrors your watch. The one you own with the flowers.

    TracyApril 26th, 2022  1:48 PM

  • Tracy- It didn’t occur to me, but you’re right, they are similar.

    PrestonApril 26th, 2022  5:22 PM

  • Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, and a new decade of joy!

    AprilApril 26th, 2022  6:35 PM

  • Dear Preston,
    Wishing you the happiest birthday!
    I always love shirt dresses and cross body bags for their sophisticated ‘school girl’ feel, and these pieces look great on you!

    PaulaApril 27th, 2022  1:00 PM

  • Preston, I would love to hear more abut your tricks for making the dress and other items just right. Please let us know your best practices.
    “I tinkered with this dress for two years (took fabric out of the back, shortened, and right before the lunch, cut off the belt loops). A shirtdress can be very tricky.


    YasminApril 28th, 2022  12:58 PM


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