May 20th, 2022
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A Simple Silk Scarf

It’s been ages since I’ve had a yen for a new silk scarf. In my drawer are some lovely, but rarely worn, Hermès scarves in beautiful prints. These The Row scarves caught my eye — I love the neutral colors. SS22 sales are about to start, which means PF22 is trickling into the shops — and Pre-Fall is my favorite season.

Grey, black, white, and buttercream.

  • Seriously at this point, what doesn’t catch our eye from the Row? I’ll probably stick to prints, only place I do lol. That buttercream colour would be fabulous on you.

    SueMMay 20th, 2022  12:28 PM

  • So agree—these Row scarves also kindled a desire in me to return to wearing scarves. I also have Hermes scarves sitting in their boxes. I look at them every now and then, thinking should I consign them or give them away, but to whom because I don’t know anyone who wears scarves anymore. These Row scarves are simple and elegant, so perhaps!

    RonicaMay 20th, 2022  1:14 PM

  • I love these. Purchased the black. Thanks for the tip!

    DebMay 20th, 2022  2:06 PM

  • Ditto Hermès scarves in my accessories drawer – beautiful but rarely worn.

    If I do have occasion to wear one
    I find myself usually rejecting the same ones because the color(s) I really want to show get lost after it’s tied –
    or in some instances, the border is more prominent than the wonderful colors in the print.

    Then there are the scarves that always seem to lack the shade or hue I need –
    unfortunately that’s been true of several I received as gifts.

    Really need to find a suitable home for the scarves I keep passing over
    and replace them with one or two viable choices that work like the go-to ones I select over and over.

    JaniceMay 20th, 2022  8:02 PM

  • The Row has lovely clothes and accessories, but I am more of a maximalist than a minimalist and love Hermes scarves. I wear these more in colder weather but definitely need some fun colors for summer!

    RebeccaMay 20th, 2022  8:36 PM

  • A good (and fool proof) way to wear Hermes scarves is by wrapping them around the handle of your bag. It’s an easy bright spot and is a nice way to brighten the outfit and avoid keeping the beautiful colorful pieces in the drawer.

    IrinaMay 20th, 2022  10:53 PM

  • I almost always carry an Hermes scarf with me when I’m flying ~ since I usually dress monochromatic for travel days, and since I’m always chilled en flight, I tie one at my neck, on a handbag, or tuck it into my carry-on tote. I find the Hermes silk patterns cheerful and familiar on travel days that aren’t necessarily cheerful or familiar.

    PaulaMay 21st, 2022  12:36 AM

  • Although gorgeous colour combos and themes, I too rarely take my Hermes out of their boxes…
    I have a very French friend and after an afternoon with her and her Hermes I try to rethink my wardrobe options.
    I am going to try harder and thanks for the travel tips Paula.

    SusanMay 21st, 2022  8:24 AM

  • With clever tying, my silk chiffon Hermès becomes an elegant summer shrug. The regular weight silk Hermès scarves always add interest to my minimalist monochromatic outfits. I try to wear them as much as humanly possible.

    SLFMay 21st, 2022  9:36 AM

  • I know we are so far away from sweater weather, but I once saw a photo of Elle Macpherson where she had an Hermes scarf knotted under the turtleneck of a very chunky (assuming) wool sweater. Genius idea, small pop of color and much softer against the neck.
    Agree with Paula, I tend to reach for my favorite scarves to wear whilst traveling, sort of like a security blanket since travel is far from pleasant these days.

    LauraMay 21st, 2022  3:15 PM

  • Have enjoyed reading with great interest the comments posted subsequent to my May 20th post.

    Wonderful suggestions (some of which I’d forgotten that I had used!) that are making me re-consider my scarves –
    even the ones I don’t think work for me.

    Can relate to Susan’s mention of her “very French friend” – I spent my junior year of college in France and
    just loved the way so many of the French dressed – achieving a chic style with a few very high quality pieces they interchanged – all polished off with just the right (minimum) accessory – like an Hermès scarf.

    Just as I was about to submit this post, I remembered that buried under my pile of scarves is an Hermès booklet (1988 edition) entitled “How To Wear Your Hermès Scarf.”
    It is not only a gorgeous publication, but also a compendium of varied, classical ways to wear an Hermès scarf. (with instructions included – some illustrated).

    In fact the first page is entitled “WHEN IS A SCARF NOT A SCARF?
    Some of their suggestions have already been posted here.

    Definitely worth a serious re-read and reassessment of my Hermès stash.

    P.S. I also have 3 miniature “CARRÉ” booklets of which the 1991 edition lists the scarves for $215.
    My “reject” pile is looking better and better!!

    JaniceMay 22nd, 2022  2:54 PM


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