May 23rd, 2022
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It’s all about our gardens right now. Last weekend, at a lecture by landscape designer Leslie Needham, I met Page Dickey and Frances Palmer — both women are incredibly talented and I’m endlessly inspired by their work. I’ve even considered trying my hand at ceramics à la Ms. Palmer, and Page Dickey is my true polestar when it comes to garden design.  Catie Marron, an ex-Vogue colleague, wrote Becoming A Gardener and it’s next up in my garden books queue. I just read Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From The Goon Squad and The Candy House back-to-back. They are both incredible works of fiction and really one long book. Next up, This Time Tomorrow by a fave author Emma Straub. This New York Times recipe for polenta with peas, asparagus, and mint looks insanely yummy and I picked up the ingredients earlier today. We are going to Paris in September so I thought I’d brush up on my French by watching the film France — it got great reviews. And, summer makes me a bit of a magpie — love the gold trim on these Malone Souliers slides, and hoping these Aerin coasters come back in stock.

  • I was craving one of these posts. Merci! Merci!

    Amy Thorne RichardsonMay 23rd, 2022  8:46 PM

  • Full disclosure Jennifer Egan (Jenny) is a high school friend of mine. One of the dearest people I know. She is also extremely smart and a brilliant writer. I have loved all of her books. Can’t wait to dig in to The Candy House.

    YasminMay 24th, 2022  12:39 PM

  • Just snapped up both Jennifer Egan books, and am very excited to read. Also truly enjoyed the post…..

    ColleenMay 24th, 2022  9:55 PM

  • I can’t wait for the movie. Thanks for the tip!

    LeeMay 25th, 2022  12:40 PM

  • A visit from The Goon Squad was one of my faves! One of those where I felt sad to not be able to hang out with this characters. I can’t wait to dig into her new book. THANK YOU for sharing!

    Urvi DalalMay 25th, 2022  3:09 PM

  • Speaking of Paris, my 16 year old daughter and I are going to Paris this summer. Her first, mine after much too long. Will you share any special off the beaten path stores or places to visit. We would love a few amazing vintage stores too.
    Many thanks!

    Urvi DalalMay 25th, 2022  3:11 PM

  • Thank you for mentioning Paige Dickey. I appreciate her decades of gardening experience and knowledge, which is what is required for ‘becoming a gardener.’ Glossy, society garden books are fun to look at, but gardening is more than owning a gorgeous property with a gorgeous home and hiring out a lot of (high priced) talent – not that one can’t achieve a great result by hiring it out. It just doesn’t make one ‘a gardener.’
    ‘When the world ceases to satisfy, there’s always the garden.’

    PaulaMay 26th, 2022  4:35 PM


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