May 27th, 2022
On My Mind

Long Weekend Vibe

My 2021 New Year’s resolution, to create a home where I can entertain spontaneously, has extended to the outdoors. This small patio is off the kitchen, which makes it easy to dine al fresco. We are here this weekend awaiting an excavator to come collapse our 18th century root cellar — it’s under the lump at the tree line. There is a lovely fieldstone wall behind it that will finally be visible from the house. The meadow, at the right of this picture leading up to the barn, will then extend behind the pool. My husband and daughter are building a tuleur/teepee for the near right corner of the fenced garden — perfect for peas. Then we’ll start work on the back side of the hill that goes down to a river. My husband changes the subject every time I suggest a paddle court…

I hope everyone has a safe and restful long weekend.

  • Such a beautiful space – congratulations on the work done and that in progress! I hope you and everyone enjoys a peaceful, relaxing, and rejuvenating weekend.

    Lisa FMay 27th, 2022  9:49 PM

  • It’s looking fantastic! Memorial Day is a gentle day of remembrance – wishing you and KIC friends a lovely weekend.

    PaulaMay 27th, 2022  11:31 PM

  • That is lovely, it looks so peaceful. Last summer we extended our patio. Part of its covered the other part open and it’s the most used area of our home.

    RobynMay 28th, 2022  5:56 AM

  • What a fabulous patio Preston. I love the idea of lots of greenery, or in your case an amazing natural green view, combined with splashes of white and or black.
    Bravo, it’s gorgeous.

    SusanMay 28th, 2022  8:08 AM

  • LOVE! Simply beautiful Preston – love the topiaries, white cushions and the simplicity of the fence around the pool. I can’t wait to see the fieldstone wall. Enjoy your Memorial Weekend

    MaryBMay 28th, 2022  8:23 AM

  • So beautiful ~ I thought it was a garden book inspiration photo! Furniture, upholstery and that gorgeous, natural fence around pool are all perfection. I’d want a paddle court too! I’m addicted to pickle ball.

    KathyMay 28th, 2022  10:13 AM

  • If I come out, will you teach me? Dying to learn and play!!

    PrestonMay 28th, 2022  10:40 AM

  • It’s so lovely and inviting, your ideas for improvement will only make it better. I’m sad here contemplating the removal of a small tree that’s not working in the yard anymore because change is inevitable so I’m embracing it. Have a grand long weekend. ❤️

    SueMMay 28th, 2022  12:33 PM

  • So restful…

    AprilMay 28th, 2022  1:54 PM

  • Would love an invite for a spontaneous dinner on that very inviting patio…no worries, I’m in Los Angeles, but I can dream.

    AngelaMay 28th, 2022  2:49 PM

  • Love the iron patio furniture. Is it Salterini?

    LauraMay 28th, 2022  8:53 PM

  • We are learning to play Pickleball. It is so much fun. We are
    planning to change our tennis court over to Pickleball! We have
    so many friends who play. It is the craze here in Northern
    California!!! You will love it!

    Pamela TaftMay 28th, 2022  9:57 PM

  • Could very well be Salterini. The set was under the grape arbor when we bought the house. The chairs, especially, were in terrible shape. Martha Stewart lives up the road and posted recently that she was having outdoor furniture she’d found at a tag sale painted, so I used the same woman – and she did a brilliant job.

    PrestonMay 29th, 2022  5:37 AM

  • A la Hameau Dela Reine

    M K OkayMay 29th, 2022  3:24 PM

  • Being unfamiliar with it, I looked up Salterini online and found photos of what appears to be my exact furniture. It’s described as The Mount Vernon pattern, which makes me happy, as it’s one of my very favorite American historical places. The scroll & leaf patterns are identical, the seat and back are essentially metal straps, making sitting impossible without custom made cushions (which I’ve had made at least three times in the thirty+ years we’ve owned it). The paint finish was traditionally a slate-powder blue, which ours is (still original finish). I have a sofa, host chair, arm chair, glass-top table with four chairs, a chaise lounge, and three stacking cigarette tables. We bought it 32 years ago from an elderly neighbor. My husband and I carried it all down the street to our back yard (I was pregnant at the time), it weighs a ton, we situated it and haven’t moved it since. All these years I assumed it was old Woodard – I never bothered to research it. Thank you for mentioning this, Laura & Preston!

    PaulaMay 29th, 2022  10:17 PM

  • What is not to love about this serene view?! We have relished every minute when we seize the moment in our courtyard under a massive, ancient oat tree here in the South. It is startling how it takes and effort to be mindful to…stop and look up. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful moments are treasures for now and yet to come. Cheers to the memories created in your perfectly curated space.

    AmyMay 30th, 2022  9:31 AM


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