July 5th, 2022
FW22 Collections

Dior Couture: It’s In The Details

For the FW22 haute couture collection, Christian Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri collaborated with Ukrainian artist Olesia Trofymenko — the outcome is stunning. The tree of life motif is at the heart of the designs and is reflected in much of the embroidery.  And the smocking makes my heart sing. A must-watch show.

  • …and it’s simplicity. Just watched Chanel Fall and it too featured natural minimal makeup and hair.
    Jewellery too was almost non existent. The clothes said it all.

    SusanJuly 5th, 2022  9:31 AM

  • SO wearable: want all 4 pieces u posted ❗️

    ANJuly 5th, 2022  10:28 AM

  • Have the most rotten cold and this show made me feel better. Smocking, plisse, embroidery as art, breathtaking embellishments, it was stunning. Agree with Susan the makeup and hair was perfect. The music was so evocative and moving. To be honest though if someone waved a wand and said I could have anything from the show, I’m not sure it would be clothing, but rather one of the murals.

    SueMJuly 5th, 2022  10:49 AM

  • It is just so refreshing to see this truly pretty, detailed collections. So beautifully made.

    MelissJuly 5th, 2022  10:52 AM

  • For my taste, pretty collections win every time! Dior’s crisp, classic suity looks makes me yearn for American cities in which to wear them, besides the (bland) world of private this and private that.

    PaulaJuly 5th, 2022  4:24 PM

  • What a beautiful harmony between clothing and the women in the clothing. Too often, clothing seems to ignore the wearer. These pieces are a delicate conversation between human craft and human form.

    RMJuly 5th, 2022  8:53 PM

  • swoon! Maria Grazia Chiuri understands how women want to dress, and as an artist makes haute couture relevant and related to what is occurring in the wider world.

    The fresh faces of the models is an antidote to the fake eyelashes and artifice that has been the fashion for too long. Youth needs no gilding.

    ClaireJuly 6th, 2022  4:49 AM

  • The neckline of the black sheer smocked dress is so dreamy!

    GeorgieJuly 6th, 2022  4:30 PM

  • After watching the show again, it’s clear that the craft, workmanship, textiles, silhouettes, creativity-staying-grounded-in- classical design is far superior to anything else that’s being done in fashion anywhere. Gorgeous, exquisite, wearable for pretty much all ages. Let’s live here! 🙂

    PaulaJuly 8th, 2022  2:12 PM


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