July 1st, 2022
On My Mind


If August is the Sunday of summer, then July is, aptly, the Saturday. Growing up, my family was on Martha’s Vineyard from the day after school let out in June until Labor Day. There were July people and August people, we were simply summer people. Back then, August was the prime month, but now it feels like July has usurped that claim. And the Fourth kicks off July with gusto. For years I flew back from Paris on July 4. I cast Helmut Lang’s men’s show, which was often on the fourth, and it was agreed that when the last model walked the runway I could dash to the airport to be home with my girls for fireworks. I would fly to JFK then take a small plane up to the Vineyard. I could see fireworks in many of the small towns along the Cape — truly magical.

We will be poolside this hot long weekend and will see fireworks in town. Wishing everyone a fun and safe Fourth of July. xp

  • Love the photo ! And thank you for sharing your fashion knowledge and know how with all. I’ll be wearing my white Paris MIH jeans over the weekend. One of many staples in my wardrobe I found on Keep it Chic!

    Lisa FordJuly 2nd, 2022  7:36 AM

  • Happy Fourth to you and yours Preston. ❤️ My American sister is here for the weekend celebrating both holidays together. Looks like we will both be having fantastic weather. All the best.

    SueMJuly 2nd, 2022  9:02 AM

  • Happy Canada Day (July 1) to you, Sue!!

    PrestonJuly 2nd, 2022  9:29 AM

  • Wonderful story!
    Have a happy holiday weekend..

    SusanJuly 2nd, 2022  9:47 AM

  • Happy 4th!

    TracyJuly 2nd, 2022  11:33 AM

  • Flying back from Rome on the 4th after 2 weeks in Italy for work. I’ll be back in time to see the fireworks also-so interesting that you had this similar experience! Happy 4th to all!

    RebeccaJuly 2nd, 2022  4:30 PM

  • Flying back from Paris on the Fourth of July to be home in time for fireworks? Concorde? No jet lag. Those were the days.

    M K OkayJuly 2nd, 2022  4:46 PM

  • Early afternoon flight, the time worked with me.

    PrestonJuly 2nd, 2022  5:15 PM

  • Happy 4th to You & Your family!

    Rhonda GregorettiJuly 2nd, 2022  5:44 PM


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