July 15th, 2022
On My Mind

I Whiffed It

I love this SS22 Hermès dress so much that I posted on it twice. But, I never went in search of it and my heart sank when I saw it on Alexandra Golovanoff. She wears it well.

  • I’m sorry Preston, I’m missing something. Why does this mean you whiffed? Is it gone now?

    SueMJuly 15th, 2022  10:21 AM

  • Preston, that is a great dress, but I think the way the top is cut would cause issues for most women, hence the sweater in the bottom pic. Just my opinion.

    KimJuly 15th, 2022  10:34 AM

  • Gone and I don’t need a summer dress now. It’s beautiful, but I bet it wouldn’t have been flattering on me. Need arms like Alexandra’s…

    PrestonJuly 15th, 2022  10:39 AM

  • Where can I get the sweater?!!

    SarahJuly 15th, 2022  10:58 AM

  • Love this dress – Staud makes a dress reminiscent of this one.

    elizabethJuly 15th, 2022  12:03 PM

  • I agree with Kim. It seems to require just the right shape in the bust and arms, would be unforgiving with over-50 skin. The shrug/sweater improves it, making it much more wearable. I wouldn’t be losing sleep over this. 🙂

    PaulaJuly 15th, 2022  12:17 PM

  • Curious as to what your favorite summer dress has been? Just caught the Joseph dress in your Shop before it sold out on NAP.

    KimJuly 15th, 2022  12:34 PM

  • A black HommeGirls tie-front dress from 2019 is my favorite right now. It’s so chic and easy.

    PrestonJuly 15th, 2022  1:11 PM

  • Dear Preston,
    The Hermes dress is divine but you would really suit this Altuzarra dress I photographed in Nice while on holiday in May. I just noticed it is now on sale. Still too pricey for me but I hope you like it. Accessories are gorgeous too.
    Best wishes

    JeanetteJuly 15th, 2022  1:47 PM

  • Oops. . . I should have clarified ~ MY over-fifty skin! Undoubtedly yours and all of your readers is much better! 🙂

    PaulaJuly 15th, 2022  4:32 PM

  • There is a satisfaction in trying it on and ruling it out as not for you. I take solace in knowing that very soon I will see something else i will want just as much. Never fails!

    AprilJuly 15th, 2022  5:55 PM

  • I love when I want something and it isn’t right. No buyer’s remorse, ever! Freeing

    PrestonJuly 15th, 2022  6:13 PM

  • Agree with Paula (above) about *my* over 50 skin! Swimmer’s shoulders are also handy with a halter top! I am very much #teamsleeves now.

    LizaJuly 16th, 2022  10:00 AM


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