August 2nd, 2022

Poppy Sexton-Wainwright in W.ICONS

Poppy Sexton-Wainwright, co-founder of the line ASCENO, is the #ICONSGIRL in the current issue of W.ICONS. Poppy has enviable personal style and it’s fun to see her at home.

While on a day trip to Florence in May, I got a W.ICONS email with a list of the editor’s favorite Florentine spots (unbelievable timing) — we went to them all!

  • As it happens, I’m off to Florence tomorrow with my daughter for a little shopping, sightseeing and hopefully a few memorable meals after not seeing each other for three years.
    Any chance you could share a link to the article with recommendations for Florence?
    Travelling with only a phone makes it difficult to navigate back to May.
    Love all things KiC! ❤️

    PetrinaAugust 2nd, 2022  11:02 PM

  • Hi Petrina-
    Here is the link to the Florence post.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip,

    PrestonAugust 3rd, 2022  6:12 AM

  • Thanks so much for the link to this magazine. I absolutely love Asceno, have silk pyjamas, dresses, pants etc. and the quality of fabrics impresses. Interesting magazine too. How cool that you found that guide just when you needed it. Signing up now.

    SueMAugust 3rd, 2022  9:15 AM

  • Thank you Preston – we did, recommendations greatly appreciated! ❤️

    PetrinaAugust 7th, 2022  9:05 PM


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