August 7th, 2022
In The Wall Street Journal

‘The Design Detail That Lifts Moods’

When I read this article in The Wall Street Journal on the resurgence of scallop embellishments, my heart skipped a beat. I’m a details person and scalloped edges, piping, rickrack, smocking, topstitching, etc. make me happy. My friends question my taste when I mention my penchant for these design elements. Twee or not, I think the curved edges are a nice counterpoint to my Mies Van Der Rohe and Breuer furniture, and reclaimed wood table, shelves, and floor in my kitchen as seen above. When I moved into my home office top left, everyone asked if I’d remove the trim on the bookcases — not a chance.

Ballroom chair slipcover by Bunny Williams that can be monogrammed, linen placemats that can also be monogrammed, blue with white trim lacquer placemat by Mrs. Alice (my attempt at coronation chicken), and wicker tray by Mrs. Alice.

  • I do love the scallop detail. On my design elements, it does seem fresh!

    LisaAugust 7th, 2022  12:21 PM

  • I love scallops – I just this moment finished a ceramic flower brick that full of scallops! Scallops make me smile.

    KathyAugust 7th, 2022  3:42 PM

  • I can’t imagine removing that trim!

    AprilAugust 7th, 2022  9:28 PM

  • The wood trim of your bookcases is fabulous! And just the kind of bespoke details that make older homes so appealing. I adore scallop edges, in all their varieties, especially in the bed and bath. I chose Leontine’s sheets in solid white with scallop edge finished in white poplin. The scallop is less pronounced as in the examples above – more rounded. They are perfectly, quietly understated; the result is calming, crisp, and adds feminine balance when worked with tailored patterns such as checks and ticking stripes. I like traditional roller blinds (in addition to the curtains) in the bathrooms, and had super handsome blinds made with a gently scallop edge. I spied these blinds in photos of a beautiful hotel country house in Ireland. I’m a traditionalist at heart when it comes to the home, but scallops are so classic, I agree they are gorgeous with modern as well.

    PaulaAugust 8th, 2022  12:26 AM

  • Wow, I always thought I was alone in the heart for scallop edge anything & everything. Serena & Lily makes them in blue & white and I just covet them. So darn cute!

    myda y.August 8th, 2022  2:17 PM

  • My favorite scalloped edges: The ones found on my Porthault collection of petite boudoir shams.
    Their “wavy” edge option? Jamais!!

    JaniceAugust 8th, 2022  3:31 PM

  • It would have been a crime to remove that beautiful trim, it makes that space so special!! Im just happy that I am not the only detail obsessed gal around!

    MelissaAugust 8th, 2022  6:00 PM

  • Preston, Whose blue stationary boxes are those? That’s my favorite color? Betsy

    BetsyAugust 12th, 2022  8:46 AM

  • Smythson Blue Nile

    PrestonAugust 12th, 2022  9:22 AM


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