September 7th, 2022

‘A Visible Man’

Edward Enninful, editor in chief of British Vogue and the European editorial director for Vogue, is a really great guy with an incredible life story. His memoir, A Visible Man, was released yesterday and I only wish it had been published earlier so I could’ve read it on my flights to and from Paris last week.

  • Top of my reading list!! So glad you posted on this book.

    ClaireSeptember 7th, 2022  8:25 AM

  • I find him unbearable. He puts himself at the centre of a every issue. And on principle I disagree with a man, any man, editing a woman’s magazine. Just how he has the bad grace to make himself the story I don’t know.

    SundaeSeptember 7th, 2022  8:58 AM

  • Interesting. How do you feel about the men’s magazines edited by women and all the male womenswear designers?

    PrestonSeptember 7th, 2022  9:11 AM

  • Unavoidable but occasionally problematic. A job’s a job afterall but perspective is inevitably limited. Undeniably there are beautiful designs created by men but by definition it is the male gaze. Remember Christian Louboutin’s comment that his priority is beauty and sexiness and comfort is not his focus. Of course. Why should a woman be able to walk in her shoes…

    I find it astonishing how EE uses a women’s magazine with a profile like Vogue UK to relentlessly showcase himself. “Styled by EE’, ‘Interviewed by EE’, ‘ Friend of EE’. In *every* edition. Why? And why is it tolerated?

    SundaeSeptember 7th, 2022  10:27 AM

  • He’s got a great eye and I admire those bold enough to speak on their own accomplishments. That magazine is the best Vogue out there in my opinion. And that reading of the book on IG by all the models, actors, etc. was brilliant.

    TracySeptember 7th, 2022  4:59 PM

  • Ralph Waldo Ellison: The Invisible Man.

    M K OkaySeptember 7th, 2022  9:34 PM

  • Definitely an interesting life story but I really hope he doesn’t become the next EIC of American Vogue. It’d be nice to have an American after so many years of British rule (being cheeky here, but still). There are a number of women, like Amy Astley, who have more than earned it.

    NoelleSeptember 8th, 2022  8:29 AM

  • Looking forward to reading this. I recently read Anna by Amy O’Dell which reminded me of Mrs. Astor and the 400.

    CBSeptember 8th, 2022  8:39 PM

  • Prior to this post, I had never heard of EE, yet the publisher’s description of the book claims he is ‘one of the greatest creative minds of our time.’
    I quit reading articles and editor’s commentary in fashion magazines years ago. I look at the pictures. If indeed EE ‘makes himself the story,’ takes a lot of credit and showcases himself on the pages of Vogue, it’s an embarrassment. Truly talented people usually don’t have to speak on their own accomplishments. We can recognize talent when we see it.
    My mind is on Queen Elizabeth today. Hearing the tributes about her old-fashion values of faith, country, family, and her many qualities – stoicism, humility, selflessness, duty, patriotism – reminds me of what is missing all around us. We live in the Age of Narcissism, where celebrity, ‘identity,’ long-suffering, and victimology is prized and celebrated over talent and accomplishment. It’s become unbearable for me, too.

    PaulaSeptember 8th, 2022  10:39 PM

  • Thank you Paula for those precise and beautiful words! I too never heard of EE, neither I read the articles and comments, too often one felt like reading on “self-admiring-and-promoting society”, now I see I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Thank you!

    Rue des GirofleesSeptember 9th, 2022  10:39 AM

  • Well said Paula!


    PatriciaSeptember 9th, 2022  8:07 PM

  • @Paula The Queen adorn herself with stolen jewel from other countries. She was and benefited from the enslavement and oppression of peoples around the world. Yet, in the same vein, without reading the book, you condemn someone who worked SO hard as a black gay man to make it in an industry that is predominantly white. That is why I cannot take people seriously anymore. You praise one responsible for millions of deaths and condemn one who writes a book about himself. Next time he edits or interviews or styles anything, he should write your own name instead.

    EvaSeptember 10th, 2022  5:47 PM

  • I’m closing the comments on this post. Please, do not email me directly about this.

    PrestonSeptember 10th, 2022  5:57 PM