September 15th, 2022
On My Mind

Tinker, Tailor Update Updated

I thought I would get out of my office where portraits of Mother and CZ Guest watch over my every sartorial move.

This is the season of events where I need to be ‘dressed’ and the leather jacket by The Slate and Saint Laurent slingbacks will get a lot of wear. The Khaite harness adds a bit of interest to an otherwise staid look. Swap the Bottega skirt for jeans and it becomes one of my current favorite outfits.

When I put up this post I realized that I’m standing just like my daughter in the photo on the bookshelf — apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Mother and CZGuest would be intimidating company to dress before…but this is a great look!

    MelissaSeptember 15th, 2022  1:21 PM

  • Love it !! You look so gorgeous and chic !

    KaraSeptember 15th, 2022  2:26 PM

  • Too funny. I only wish that I could stand for a photo with the grace and elan my daughters do.
    That harness is going to be brilliant.

    SueMSeptember 15th, 2022  3:25 PM

  • You’ve got such a great eye to put this together, wow ~ a fabulous look on you!

    SusanSeptember 15th, 2022  4:30 PM

  • Thank you for the nice comments.

    PrestonSeptember 15th, 2022  4:55 PM

  • That looks amazing!

    Lisa FSeptember 15th, 2022  7:28 PM

  • You rock!

    KimSeptember 15th, 2022  8:03 PM

  • You look positively . . . chic! I love when daughters reflect their mamas in sweet, subtle ways like a stance, a gesture, or a facial expression. 🙂

    PaulaSeptember 16th, 2022  12:38 AM

  • Love the leather jacket, white t and skirt. Not sure about the harness — it looks religious/heavenly under the jacket. Maybe with a short sleeved white t shirt, jeans and light colored suede boots.

    angelaSeptember 16th, 2022  4:57 AM

  • This is so chic! You look gorgeous. Can we see it with jeans?

    LisaSeptember 16th, 2022  6:53 AM

  • Outfit looks fabulous! What kind of purse/bag would you wear with the outfit (especially the patent leather shoes)?

    HeatherSeptember 16th, 2022  9:20 AM

  • Love the look, head to toe. You look fabulous…I could never pull it off, but wish I could!

    SharonSeptember 16th, 2022  9:29 AM

  • I LOVE this look. The jacket is perfect – is it still available?

    DianaSeptember 16th, 2022  12:08 PM

  • This is even better with the contrast of a dark jacket!

    RMSeptember 16th, 2022  3:47 PM

  • The harness adds a nice touch of interest and the shoes look really nice. I never know whether to go with patent or not, but these look good. We, pre – instagram age women, generally don’t have a ready pose. Looking good!

    AprilSeptember 17th, 2022  9:50 AM

  • Diana, the jacket if made to order by my friends. Their website will be up soon.

    PrestonSeptember 18th, 2022  11:36 AM

  • Heather, any black bag would work because there is very little non-logo hardware on the shoes.

    PrestonSeptember 18th, 2022  11:37 AM


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