September 14th, 2022
On My Mind

Tinker, Tailor Update

Over the summer I tinkered with a number of items. For example, I would never wear the Khaite harness with the long streamers so my brilliant seamstress lopped them off and sewed them down. She, also, gave this Ralph Lauren blazer an overhaul — sleeves shortened and shoulders tightened. Maybe not a great look with white jeans (they never do me any favors), but you get the idea and the Chanel slingbacks are very comfy. The white shirt I ordered at Crimson in Paris week before last was just delivered — love the tonal monogram.

  • Love the shirt and the monogram. I have had monograms on shirts, but never the same color as the shirt. Very subtle and chic.

    AprilSeptember 14th, 2022  2:34 PM

  • I love the shirt, and love it on you. Crimson products are fantastic.

    KathySeptember 14th, 2022  5:11 PM

  • So glad you posted a photo with that harness, because I think of you every time I see it wondering how to pull it off. Amazing! Brilliant!

    KimSeptember 15th, 2022  6:38 AM

  • Love the tonal monogram and now the harness is perfect.

    LisaSeptember 15th, 2022  6:46 AM

  • Great post! Love the updated harness and blazer tweaks. Would love to see other ways you style your harness too – such a versatile piece. Re: blazer tweak: I purchased a black blazer this year where the lower sleeves had a few tucks or pleats creating a scrunched look. (They can also be removed (unstitched) for full-length sleeves.) The shorter length made all the difference to my outfits – more relaxed, flattering, and more wearable. Totally onboard with shorter blazer sleeves! The white shirt looks great and love the monogram placement. Thanks Preston.

    Lisa FSeptember 15th, 2022  7:02 AM

  • Preston, what size did you buy the white shirt? Love it!

    BetsySeptember 15th, 2022  8:11 AM

  • I bought xs. It’s not fitted and does not run small. I have a bust and no issues there.

    PrestonSeptember 15th, 2022  8:32 AM

  • I had a black blazer that had ruching on the sleeves below the elbow, shortening the sleeves…I have to look for it…it was a very inexpensive sale buy, but so flattering! Love the shirt…I just bought a white button down in a heavier fabric that I haven’t yet worn…perhaps I’ll monogram it in white!

    SharonSeptember 15th, 2022  8:48 AM

  • I love this look on you—especially how you took a more “traditional” perfectly fine look and made it stronger and more “fashion”. Thank you for sharing.

    Urvi DalalSeptember 15th, 2022  10:10 AM

  • What a lovely and unexpected look under the blazer!

    RMSeptember 15th, 2022  11:07 AM

  • The shirt looks great! And with the blazer, love the tonal look. The idea for the harness was so good, I’m sure you’ll come up with many ways to wear it… over a grey shift dress?

    SueMSeptember 15th, 2022  3:22 PM

  • I LOVE the harness over a white t-shirt. How clever and real-world chic of you!

    CatherineSeptember 21st, 2022  2:19 PM


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