September 21st, 2022

Hermès Plein Air

The Hermès beauty products are phenomenal — I give the lipsticks and nail polishes as hostess gifts. So, I’m eager to try the Plein Air Natural Enhancing Complexion Balms and picked up a few samples in different shades yesterday. Any reviews?

  • I ended up buying the complexion balm, it is hard to get the right color from the online swatches. I would recommend to try it in person. the balm is lovely and I love that it has mineral spf but I end up using other products more (like the CHANEL CC to the La Mer tinted moisturizer with spf) overall it’s a nice product but try it before you buy it.

    SharonSeptember 21st, 2022  7:20 AM

  • Anxious to try it too as I’m really enjoying my lipstick, nail polish and powder blush.

    SusanSeptember 21st, 2022  2:41 PM

  • Preston, You will fall in love with these balms! The scent is divine, the coverage is sheer and dewy. I ordered Ficelle from Selfridges (and wondered why they weren’t yet available in the American market?). The color is perfect for anyone with a fair to medium complexion with pink undertones. It adds depth to your complexion and again, the smell is wonderful. You’ll soon have a new staple in your makeup bag! By far, my favorite product.

    Christina AndersonSeptember 21st, 2022  4:36 PM

  • i was so excited to try too BUT have discovered Gucci Westman Atelier’s Complexion Drops are far superior in every way!! You’ve got to try – they’re fabulous.

    Abby YozellSeptember 21st, 2022  4:43 PM

  • Full disclosure – I have never tried or worn an Hermes beauty product. When the lipsticks came on the scene, I was skeptical they could really be that exceptional as to command a price tag of $72. For years I stuck to Chanel for their colors, now priced at $42-55. My favorite lipstick in my kit is a YSL, in a gorgeous refillable case, for $38-39. My daughter who is a modest consumer, splurges for Dior lipsticks and the colors are truly exceptional on her ($42). I simply find it annoying that Hermes insists on being the most expensive price point for all products throughout their brand. For me, it continues to feel like a heist.

    PaulaSeptember 21st, 2022  7:37 PM

  • Hermes lipsticks and powder compact cases are a work of art. And the brushes take them to the next level.
    A gorgeous addition to bathroom, purse or vanity. I love the brushed gold detailing to compliment the white and black cases.
    A one time purchase as all are refillable!!

    SusanSeptember 21st, 2022  9:43 PM

  • YSL lipsticks and Bobbie Brown new face balm line is the best.

    JeanSeptember 22nd, 2022  2:16 PM

  • No matter how hard they try and how beautiful packages are, for me personally, Hermes will remain silk carre and leather goods manufacturer. I don’t use lipstick but I am addicted to organic lip & cheek balm for daily use and Sisley lip balm when a bit of gloss needed.

    Rue des GirofleesSeptember 23rd, 2022  6:02 AM


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