September 25th, 2022
Financial Times


Many items in my wardrobe are enjoying a renaissance and I am very happy I didn’t do a massive clean-out during the pandemic lockdown – pieces I was sure that I would never wear again are now front and center. And, having items updated via tailoring has been my mission. An article in Financial Times talks to this and a number of fashion folks weighed in.   #Don’tOverPurge

This A.P.C. knit coat is circa 1992. I forgot I even had it and it’s the perfect transition piece.

  • Preston, what are those comfy looking shoes please?

    Gayle MSeptember 25th, 2022  12:11 PM

  • Yes! And I’ll add that Clarks Wallabees (or similar style desert boots) should also never be purged as they always come back into style. Yours look great!

    C.MicholSeptember 25th, 2022  12:53 PM

  • Love your Wallabees – wear mine often.

    KathySeptember 25th, 2022  1:27 PM

  • Clarks Wallabees

    PrestonSeptember 25th, 2022  6:21 PM

  • I read that article last night and disagreed with the sentiment that closet clean out is a ‘fraught process filled with regret. ‘
    I’ve never missed anything I let go of. I’m a professional archivist, so you’d imagine I would feel the opposite! I think my proximity to amazing collections has made me a ruthless editor of my own…

    That said, I recently wore a ten year old jumpsuit I was sure I’d never wear again, and I felt great. 🙂

    Julie AnnSeptember 25th, 2022  8:54 PM

  • Wallabees! They look great!

    DebbieSeptember 26th, 2022  8:18 AM

  • That jacket is perfect for right now and love the proportions with the jean. There is a fine line I suppose and different considerations for individual reasons. My own is with footwear: have so many non chunky great shoes and boots I’m just packing them up until I’m tired of the more rugged trend (which I love btw).
    Good tailoring is life changing.

    SueMSeptember 26th, 2022  8:50 AM

  • SueM- Besides the Penelope Chilvers Incredible boots, which I live in once the snow falls, and hiking-style boots, I don’t have a more fashionable pair with lug soles. I keep looking for a chic stompy boot, but haven’t found ‘the one’, yet. Need suggestions. xp

    PrestonSeptember 26th, 2022  9:08 AM

  • Has anyone seen a desert boot/Wallabees type boot with a little heel (1″-2″ wedge or block heel)? Love the look and comfort but unfortunately I can’t do a totally flat heel.

    Susan WSeptember 26th, 2022  11:18 AM

  • Are the blue boxes smythson? Loving that brand now.

    myda y.September 26th, 2022  11:50 AM

  • Hmm. Well I have (and love) the Proenza Schouler lace up ankle boots with lug sole but have been eyeing the Chelsea pull on version as well and they come in ecru. High street I like the Allsaints Hayley, Essen Chelsea, Ganni square toe Chelsea. If you have the patience to break them in I have a couple of pairs of Church’s that look like a classic boot but they’ve added a Vibram sole. If I didn’t already have enough I’d buy the Isabel Marant Castay. Incidentally &other stories have a complete dupe to it. Have you tried on the Gianvitto Rossi Chester, it looks beautiful. Let me know if you need more ideas.

    SueMSeptember 26th, 2022  1:42 PM

  • Great article. Looking after a good wardrobe takes effort and organisation. I have a closet for vintage Chanel, Pucci, Missoni, Prada etc, which don’t work on me but may at different stages of my daughter’s life. I sell others (less interesting and more current fashion items that I don’t want anymore). And finally I found a charity that lets refugees and asylum seekers chose online for clothing and shoes that are more casual (work out clothes, sweats, unused socks and tights etc)

    MMSSeptember 26th, 2022  2:07 PM

  • Wow, SueM, you are a rock star!!!

    PrestonSeptember 26th, 2022  2:08 PM

  • Yes, myda y., they are Smythson and Pineider boxes of stationery — I love both.

    PrestonSeptember 26th, 2022  2:13 PM

  • Just read your comment about a chic stomp boot.
    I have these Jenni Kayne boots in black and in walnut (although love the forest too) – they’re lightweight, so comfortable and clunky but not overboard.

    Hope all is well,

    KathySeptember 26th, 2022  5:14 PM


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