September 26th, 2022
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Dark Brown for Winter, Continued

When I spied this Ludovic de Saint Sernin wool button-front shirt on the runway last March it went directly onto my wish list. The classic oversized shirt is aptly named the ‘Go To’ and chocolate brown is a nice alternative to white or blue. It’s just so chic.

  • I love this but it’s preorder and doesn’t have a ship date. Do you know? We have such a short season where I live that this would be wearable….

    KathySeptember 26th, 2022  10:56 AM

  • It’s FW22 so should be in soon. Unless you’d wear it as a shacket as well as a shirt, this is not a wise buy for you in gorgeous CA.

    PrestonSeptember 26th, 2022  1:42 PM

  • Thanks Preston, I agree.

    KathySeptember 26th, 2022  6:24 PM

  • Preston, for me the color brown is like a palate cleanser. It comes around every so often and looks so fresh between the “black” and the “colorblock” and the “astrobright” seasons. It looks sophisticated and confident. Then next year I’ll be asking myself “why did I buy all this brown?”

    CatherineSeptember 30th, 2022  8:13 PM


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