October 24th, 2022
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The Khaite Dress of FW22

I paused on this look while watching the Khaite FW22 show live last winter and immediately posted on it. The dress is classic yet modern and, even though I detest a squished cleavage, I would wear it. The hosiery and pumps, too. Available at Khaite and NET-A-PORTER.

  • I have seen and touched the dress, very stiff/thick and uncomfortable fabric. beautiful style, not worth the discomfort with so many other beautiful dresses out there.

    TTOctober 24th, 2022  4:37 PM

  • Ooo. Too much cleavage!

    GayleOctober 24th, 2022  5:01 PM

  • The top is more versatile IMO. The brand looks so so great this season.

    ZoeOctober 24th, 2022  6:09 PM

  • 20 years ago I would have fallen in love with this dress, wondered how I could pull together the scratch to buy it, and checked through every late Fall event where I could wear it.
    My 60-something self loves the shoes!

    SharonOctober 24th, 2022  8:39 PM

  • Not sure about those off the shoulder straps and their ease.

    MMSOctober 25th, 2022  5:36 AM

  • I relate to both Sharon and MMS’s comments. If a woman wants to wear this look, she better not postpone it too long. Things change. The off-the-shoulder straps communicate, ‘I’m getting undressed,’ and I think they are too contrived. And how does she raise her arms? That said, the right woman, the right party . . . :-))

    PaulaOctober 25th, 2022  2:07 PM


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