November 22nd, 2022
On My Mind

Grey & Beige

It’s only taken me my whole life to realize that camel doesn’t suit me, it’s too orange. Beige (khaki, brown, etc.) paired with grey is my best bet. Love the @scholl_iconic Pescura clogs on @jeannedamas. Birkin image courtesy @pernilleteisbaek

  • I have to laugh–every time you post something on grays, I imagine camel, because that is what works with my coloring!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all who read this marvelous blog!

    BarbaraNovember 22nd, 2022  10:48 AM

  • Our skin tone does change over the years, so maybe its wasn’t always as unsuitable as you find it now. Interesting ( and scary!) how things can change… “what was I thinking of”!

    AprilNovember 22nd, 2022  11:02 AM

  • I just had the same revelation during a closet clean out. Dark brown and dark grey is my favorite combo.

    RheaNovember 22nd, 2022  12:47 PM

  • I agree that camel can be challenging. The particular shade of camel makes all the difference. My daughter has pink undertones in her skin – a gorgeous complexion – and most camel shades don’t work for her. This fall my go-to combination has been a carmel-brown Traveler Jacket with a medium-grey sweater underneath; add jeans, brown suede loafers and a brown suede tote, and I’m dressed for five days of the week. Oh yes, and dark brown leather gloves! The jacket the the grey sweater are the key!
    Happiest Thanksgiving to everyone!

    PaulaNovember 22nd, 2022  7:11 PM

  • The jacket and the grey sweater . . .

    PaulaNovember 22nd, 2022  7:12 PM

  • I am a neutrals gal…every time I try to add a bright color or print, the item ends up eventually being donated. It has taken me way too long to REALLY learn that! Grey and brown, brown and black, black and navy, white or cream with any of the above…those combinations make me happy.

    Paula…I am one with pink undertones, and most shades of camel make me look terrible!

    SharonNovember 23rd, 2022  8:52 AM

  • I have pink undertones, which makes camel look orange on me. It’s fine if it’s not next to my face, I have 2 skirts that are fine.

    PrestonNovember 23rd, 2022  9:53 AM

  • I love the ghw on the grey Birkin.

    Julie AnnNovember 23rd, 2022  10:19 AM

  • Another pink-undertone chiming in to say I look atrocious in camel. Only cool colors for me. And agree – only neutrals, and no patterns!! Any pops of color come from bags or jewelry.

    LaurenNovember 23rd, 2022  12:16 PM

  • I concur!!Preston,since now being a natural hair model of silver greige,the camel tone has thrown an honest aha moment!Black,navy ,cocoa and grey rule here.

    JulietNovember 28th, 2022  10:12 PM

  • I have brown undertones so camel, greige, beige, grey and navy work great on me. Remember there are even sib-shades within one color. It could be that the level camel is not your shade of camel. Just a thought.

    RonicaDecember 4th, 2022  12:02 PM


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