December 5th, 2022

Chanel: Beige Polish

Last week I ran into Andrea Quinn Robinson, Beauty Director at Vogue when I first got there.  Andrea left soon after to join Revlon where she created and launched The Nakeds Ultima II line in 1989 — The Nakeds palette of beiges, nudes, browns, etc. was ground-breaking. The new Chanel Vernis colors reminded me of how chic a beige polish can be.

  • These are tempting me to stray from Organdi.

    JuliaDecember 5th, 2022  6:41 PM

  • I love the Butter nail treatment/polish you recommended in an earlier post so I will definitely shop these.

    CarolDecember 6th, 2022  6:10 AM

  • The Nakeds were the best. I wish they still made them.

    YasminDecember 6th, 2022  8:54 AM

  • That color is great!

    TracyDecember 6th, 2022  11:16 AM

  • So pretty. Do you know what color is shown above?

    CherieDecember 6th, 2022  11:23 AM

  • agreed! beige, pink or red are the only shades i rotate on my nails. simple, neat and cheery.

    myda y.December 6th, 2022  12:03 PM

  • I really loved the Nakeds! The packaging was so of the moment and the palette very current then – and now!

    TraceyDecember 6th, 2022  12:39 PM

  • Cherie- I won’t even hazard a guess. I’m going to Chanel to see which beige suits me.

    PrestonDecember 6th, 2022  2:08 PM

  • Harmonie is lovely. A good place to start. Not too yellow, not too pink.

    PatrishDecember 10th, 2022  5:49 PM


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