December 8th, 2022

To Give and Receive

These are a few of my all-time favorite gifts to give and receive. I bought From Scratch because I love the cover (shallow much?) and it turned out to be a terrific cookbook. Carrière Frères candles, good olive oil, maple syrup, topiaries, and Rustic Bakery Gingerbread Tile Cookies on a beautiful plate are always appreciated.

  • Love every one of these gift ideas. Who makes the plate?

    LisaDecember 8th, 2022  9:54 PM

  • Good olive oil and maple syrup have no substitutes. And the gingerbread-plate pairing is lovely! For a cook who enjoys improvising, there’s also The Flavor Bible, which is an incredible look at how professional chefs think about flavor profiles. I reach for this book when cooking, when baking, when grocery shopping. I’ve sometimes paired it with good spices as a Christmas gift.

    RMDecember 9th, 2022  4:16 AM

  • Royal Crown Derby Harlequin Darley Abbey in green

    PrestonDecember 9th, 2022  6:21 AM

  • These are all beautiful ideas Preston, especially love the plate. Thanks also to RM for the alternate cookbook find, will be checking out both. I learned so much about cooking years ago from a Canadian chef named Michael Smith who taught how to cook without a recipe: choose the main protein, then what flavour you think will enhance it (or what you have on hand) and the way it would best be cooked. Some days you just want someone to tell you but on the days you’re feeling creative it’s wonderful.

    SueMDecember 9th, 2022  9:58 AM

  • Just ordered The Flavor Bible- thank you for the recommendation, xp

    PrestonDecember 9th, 2022  11:16 AM

  • I hope you enjoy the book as much as we have, Preston! I have certainly appreciated books you’ve highlighted. And SueM, the Michael Smith method you mention is helpful. In case this is handy to know, The Flavor Bible highlights the best preparation methods for each ingredient it discusses: baked, braised, and so forth.

    RMDecember 10th, 2022  4:24 PM

  • Just referenced this post because I need a chic housewarming gift for a sophisticated family member. Thank you, Preston! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineMarch 25th, 2023  11:07 AM


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