December 19th, 2022
It Item

In A Clutch

In a recent post, I challenged myself to wear four items I regretted buying. The Céline clutch is now a go-to — it solved the shoulder-bag-over-a-bulky-coat struggle. Now I’m eyeing this pouch by Saint Laurent — it’s not as oversized as the Céline and would tuck under my arm nicely.

  • Love this clutch! It’s timeless, versatile and well priced.

    LisaDecember 19th, 2022  7:18 AM

  • Love this but when out to dinner where do you put a clutch? On table seems not right

    EllaDecember 19th, 2022  7:30 AM

  • If small,I put it on the table, otherwise on my lap. Hung a bag over the back of my chair years ago and it was stolen and my identity, too.

    PrestonDecember 19th, 2022  7:51 AM

  • On your lap and cover with your napkin.

    CarolDecember 19th, 2022  7:53 AM

  • Clutches seem to stand the tests of time and versatility. I find myself even using my shoulder strap bags as a clutch, too, tucked under my arm with the strap half-hanging loose. Tables in nyc never seem to have much space once the food arrives, so I put mine in back of my seat, sort of like a little lumbar pillow, where no one can grab it. Or, if the chair has too many gaps/slats, I’ll put it on my lap with the napkin over it. I wish restaurant tables had a hidden shelf underneath. P.S. it’s so cold here this week. Thank you to your posters who recommended La Canadienne boots — v chic and flattering to the foot AND waterproof/comfortable.

    SwanDecember 19th, 2022  8:07 AM

  • I also love this one. I prefer the envelope style, rather than the zipper on the top. I’ve had a black SL clutch for 20 years, maybe time for an upgrade!

    KathyDecember 19th, 2022  10:06 AM

  • Chic

    PrestonDecember 19th, 2022  10:23 AM

  • This is beautiful, as is the Celine. I know they’re timeless and I own a few and even had one made a couple of years ago but I hardly ever reach for them. Kind of a “it’s not you it’s me” situation. Love the lumbar pillow suggestion.

    SueMDecember 19th, 2022  10:26 AM

  • Love this. I seem to collect them. The old Celine bicolor, Bottega, the Row, Hermes Bazar, and my favorite Givenchy one in wood effect leather. Zip top only because if I drop it, nothing falls out. I typically place it between my back and the chair but after your hand bag was stolen, I am reconsidering where to put it now.

    tracyDecember 19th, 2022  11:28 AM

  • I routinely tuck bags of all sorts behind my back, ideally between my coat and myself. Another risk with hanging it on a chair is people constantly bumping it. A hook underneath the corner of the table, similar to what bars offer, would do the trick.

    PaulaDecember 19th, 2022  6:33 PM

  • In a very chic restaurant in an older home in the area of diplomat’s residences in Ottawa, Canada, a little stool was put beside my chair on which to perch my purse. Very elegant!

    BarbaraDecember 24th, 2022  2:19 PM


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