December 20th, 2022

Parisian Run Around Chic

Image courtesy of Habitually Chic

While flipping through Heather Clawson’s pictures from her recent trip to Paris, this one gave me pause. This gorgeous woman — in a black peacoat and brown boots riding a bike with a market basket — is the epitome of run around chic. #PersonalStyleGoals

The Habitually Chic Paris Guide is amazing! Even though I’ve been to Paris countless times, the guide lists places that are new to me. And, Heather updates it after every trip.

  • You and Heather are my must reads every morning ☕️

    SusanDecember 20th, 2022  7:41 AM

  • Chic AND cool! Love this!

    NinaDecember 20th, 2022  11:33 AM

  • I’m with you Susan, KIC and Habitually Chic are my daily go to reads x

    ElizabethDecember 20th, 2022  12:56 PM

  • If that isn’t chic French goals I don’t know what is. That collar is divine.

    SueMDecember 21st, 2022  10:31 AM

  • Reporting from Paris this evening, it has been far too chilly and wet for this stylish look, but I love a bicycle with a basket anywhere! Something so friendly! It was my sole means of transportation during high school and college. Bicycles would do a world of good keeping America healthy. Joyeaux Noel!

    PaulaDecember 21st, 2022  5:07 PM


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