January 23rd, 2023
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High Sport Pants

One glaring hole in my wardrobe is a good-looking everyday pair of pants. Comfortable as jeans and not tailored trousers is the goal. I posted on High Sport when it launched in November 2021 and now I’m circling back. Skirts in mid-winter are not always ideal. Paired with the Chloé ballet flats above or slingbacks, these High Sport pants could fill that hole nicely.

  • Love everything about this. Love the Chloé flats!
    Thank you, Preston.

    Martha E DanielsJanuary 23rd, 2023  9:40 AM

  • The pants are definitely the clear ticket. I find myself looking at images from the 60’s and a certain aspect of the 70’s – it would be terrific to find a modern reference point for a certain degree of polish that seems to be missing. Thanks for identifying the ballerina’s, Martha – they’re terrific. I’ll close by wishing everyone a good week – squeeze a speck of fun into each day!

    TraceyJanuary 23rd, 2023  10:48 AM

  • They pants look lovely but way out of my price range, but then again I feel I am completely priced out of everything with good quality.

    ameeJanuary 23rd, 2023  10:50 AM

  • I can’t wear a flat like this anymore but wow these chloe ballet flats are gorgeous!

    Those High Sport pants are good looking but that price point is nuts to me for what they are.

    STJanuary 23rd, 2023  11:48 AM

  • Love these! Ann Mashburn has some great pull- on flares too!

    KateJanuary 23rd, 2023  11:53 AM

  • Much as I love denim, I have been looking for classic pants that are not denim. I suggest Peserico for pants as well. Still made in Italy, they offer wool blends that pack well, mid-to-upper pricing, but still not as high as the brands that do more advertising.
    I agree with Amee about the lack of quality clothes in mid-range markets. It’s because almost all of the production is done in countries with cheap labor and low production standards. But price doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality either – there are plenty of expensive brands which lack quality. First thing I look at is where it is produced and what the fabric percentages are. Regardless of price, I don’t buy anything made in countries that violate human rights or suppress freedom – so that means no to a lot of sports shoe brands for me.

    PaulaJanuary 23rd, 2023  11:55 AM

  • You might want to check out Ann Mashburn’s Faye pants, too.

    LizJanuary 23rd, 2023  1:05 PM

  • I have Ann’s Faye pants in denim and just ordered grey wool. Thank you for the reminder.

    PrestonJanuary 23rd, 2023  1:52 PM

  • Just ordered a pair from Ann, thank you!

    PrestonJanuary 23rd, 2023  2:24 PM

  • Thank you Paula for the reminder about knowing where and how our clothes are made.

    And thank you Preston, Liz and Kate for the Mashburn recommendation.

    STJanuary 23rd, 2023  2:38 PM

  • I have these pants. . . simple elegance!!! Very flattering fit and super comfortable. One of my go-tos for sure.

    VSJanuary 23rd, 2023  6:00 PM

  • Hello Preston I know the founder of High Sport Alyssa Zachary a fabulous young woman . She sent me a pair in black and i immediately bought a second ) also black .
    I am in Italy working , I have been here 5 days 2 more to go and I have worn my High Sport pants on the plane and every other day ! It is cold here so I am wearing them with a flat boot . I could have brought just these pants !
    Cost per wear makes them reasonable !!
    x Brooke

    Brooke Garber NeidichJanuary 24th, 2023  11:46 AM


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