March 2nd, 2023
FW23 Collections

The Row

The Row does a Balmacaan like no other, and the color of this leather one, from the FW collection shown in Paris yesterday, is sublime. The shoes are fantastic, too. Also, lots of gloves again this season.

  • Perfection,
    I love a Balmacaan coat and still wear my 40 year old Burberry in this shape.
    Although I am quite small, I do find the less structured shape more flattering than a belted trench.
    Did you know that the name comes from the Balmacaan estate near Inverness, Scotland?
    There is an interesting little explanation about the coats structure on Wikipedia!

    AlisonMarch 2nd, 2023  8:55 AM

  • OOh yes please! Loving the return of the Balmacaan and that people actually know what this is. (Thanks for the origin tip, Alison.) I hope someone will tell all the ecommerce writers. Don’t get me started on copywriters who don’t seem to know the difference between a loafer and a brogue *huff*!

    disneyrollergirlMarch 2nd, 2023  9:36 AM

  • Also love a well cut Balmacaan. I always worried it was too masculine for my shape (rectangular lol) but love it undone with a silk scarf, aah feels like spring. The Row can simply do no wrong even if some things cost a small car. I’m with Navaz, if you purport to work in fashion, learn the words.

    SueMMarch 2nd, 2023  6:56 PM

  • The Balmacaan was popular when I was in college (late 60’s) and I’ve been waiting for it to come back for years. The trench is overwhelming on my small frame.

    SLFMarch 3rd, 2023  11:01 AM

  • Such an easy coat to wear and always look great with a wide range of garments. Re: The Row show – also loved the dark red collarless coat – that was swoon-worthy!

    Lisa FMarch 3rd, 2023  11:18 AM

  • Count me in the Balmacaan camp as well! Trenches simply have too much going on for my height. I’m due to replace – Mine is literally decades old, the perfect foggy color and gorgeous buttons (mostly covered by a placket. It’s a nine month coat in my climate. The one above is beautiful.

    PaulaMarch 4th, 2023  11:05 PM


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