March 24th, 2023
On the hunt for

A Tan Poplin Shirt

I’m on the hunt for a tan/light khaki poplin shirt (sans flap pockets).  I love the color of this one by Ferragamo, and Rag & Bone has a nice one at a much kinder price point.

  • I just got a very similar one from
    banana republic. Very chic and great price point.

    KDMarch 24th, 2023  7:27 PM

  • Nili Lotan does a great poplin shirt and often in khaki.

    JaneMarch 25th, 2023  8:30 AM

  • Ralph Lauren has a gorgeous one this season. At BG.

    Rachel RodinMarch 25th, 2023  10:21 AM

  • You know I love Cos – they have a great regular-fit and an oversized fit. Sometimes I’ll buy a budget friendly item to see how often I reach for it and how it matches with pieces I already own before investing in a high quality garment. I’m in agreement that the flap pockets do no favors. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineMarch 25th, 2023  11:02 AM

  • Check out Arket, I bought one last year exactly like the photo (sans flap pockets)

    ElizabethMarch 25th, 2023  11:58 AM

  • Might be a question for a relatively narrow circle, but would appreciate ideas for wearing tan and beige colors that I like with grey hair. Love the shirt and the styling and would like to find a way to not look washed out wearing it!

    IrinaMarch 25th, 2023  12:45 PM

  • Marie Marot!

    PiaMarch 25th, 2023  1:51 PM

  • I LOVE the one from Anine Bing.

    Kate WMarch 25th, 2023  6:32 PM

  • I saw one at Zara – looks good!

    LisaMarch 25th, 2023  6:55 PM

  • I bought one from Brunello this season

    JENNIFER ALLISONMarch 25th, 2023  8:28 PM

  • Irina, I wear a lot of this color and for me, gold earrings and a coral lipstick is just right. Depending on your complexion, I could also see red. I love hearing the range of views and attitudes towards all of the stylish things posted here. I am intrigued by which topics/colors/trends/looks spark comments. For me, it’s all in the mix ~ Preston’s finely tuned edits, readers’ inquiries and anecdotes, memories sparked by a post, shared tips, and diverse viewpoints.
    I adore the color and cut of this Ferragamo shirt.

    PaulaMarch 26th, 2023  4:58 PM

  • Love the image. Curious to hear your views on flap pockets!

    OliviaMarch 27th, 2023  3:30 PM

  • I have a significant chest and flap pockets draw attention to it.

    PrestonMarch 27th, 2023  4:30 PM

  • Amen to your comments on flap pockets and significant chests (like my own), Preston! Would love to see a post on dressing this particular body type if one’s personal style leans toward strict tailoring, streamlined silhouettes, and clean lines. It’s surprisingly hard to find clothes that suit.

    Lisa MacMarch 27th, 2023  7:02 PM

  • Something simple and clean but with some drape to accommodate curves, instead of rigid cut, is the trick I think Lisa Mac!

    SundaeMarch 28th, 2023  2:45 AM

  • My sister designed an amazing one that I live in. No pockets, roomy without being big. Made in NYC!

    CaitlinMarch 31st, 2023  10:29 AM


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