March 27th, 2023
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This Valentino duchesse-satin A-line midi skirt is so simple and elegant. Weirdly, it could be dressed up or down — The Row sandals and a white T-shirt for a summer evening, perhaps. And, I’ve been eyeing the Bottega Veneta woven leather pumps since I spotted them on the runway last fall — not sure how they’ll look on, I’ll let you know.

Skirt. Pumps.

  • That’s a GREAT skirt. Flats, heels, t-shirt, sweater, button down, jacket. wardrobe hero

    ZoeMarch 27th, 2023  5:06 PM

  • I put the Valentino skirt on my NAP wish list this morning! The color and the fabric look gorgeous. Preston, how would you style it for a dressier occasion? I was thinking of a slouchy camel cashmere sweater , sleeves pushed up, and a suede Manolo Blahnik “Carolyn’ shoe. Maybe bold gold chain bracelet?

    GigiMarch 27th, 2023  5:19 PM

  • Preston, after your post on “Collecting Clothing,” a few readers mentioned how difficult it is to find vintage Levi’s. I am not affiliated, just a thrilled customer, and wanted to share a website I recently found. Lindsey is so helpful- she cleans, repairs, takes meticulous measurements, and lists them by modern sizes. Watch the video on measuring yourself, and contact her beforehand. She’s great about figuring out your style, wash, and sizing. I am so excited to have found her small business, and wanted to pass it along!

    KateMarch 27th, 2023  6:14 PM

  • And the skirt is brown! Loving it! The shoes are beautiful.

    gail c.March 27th, 2023  6:45 PM

  • A Must purchase. Thank you for sharing

    JeanMarch 27th, 2023  7:15 PM

  • Hi Preston……I am wondering if you can sew because that chocolate duchesse satin skirt would be SO EASY to make!!! The waistband… it…elastic? Seriously. The garment district is a great place to source a lovely chocolate duchesse satin, a simple browse through pattern books for a circle skirt, or better yet, The Google or The You Tube for a pattern. If you can sew a straight line, and I’m sure you can, you can make your own version of this skirt! Love your blog.

    Jo HMarch 27th, 2023  7:36 PM

  • The skirt is lovely. The shoes are jolie laide.

    LeeMarch 27th, 2023  8:24 PM

  • Absolutely stunning. All of my skirts are slip style and I want to branch out to a fuller style like this. Jo has inspired me to give it a whirl… but I can barely hem my curtains, so we’ll see how this turns out. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineMarch 27th, 2023  10:27 PM

  • Why is there a $2000 price difference between those 2 sites? Look at the price on NAP!!

    Gayle MonahanMarch 28th, 2023  8:22 AM

  • Matches Fashion error… they’ll catch it, but that’s why I linked to them.

    PrestonMarch 28th, 2023  8:45 AM

  • Cheers! That skirt is definitely perfect for many occasions. I have to say, though, the shoes do bear some similarity to those awesome B.V. pumps with the mesh vamp that you once owned, but donated to a lucky friend or charity because you “love them on other people but not me.” Just a voice from the ethers on this, but still . . ..

    TraceyMarch 28th, 2023  10:42 AM

  • Hahahahaha! Yes, they do a bit. However, what I HATED the most on the mesh pumps was the square toes. These are round, which I love. Bought a super small size, i think that’s the trick with these. Will send you a pic! xp

    PrestonMarch 28th, 2023  11:09 AM

  • Gayle, indeed, I guess it must be a mistake. But who on earth would pay 2000 or 4500USD (!) for a polyester skirt where the fabric is not worth more than 20-30USD and the work, even in Italy, another 20-30 USD.
    Silk which is in the description of pocket lining is Habotai I guess (inexpensive lining fabric) and 18% of silk in the main fabric is nothing. No matter what brand, how much I like the piece and what’s the price tag, I always check the composition first.

    Rue des GirofleesMarch 29th, 2023  3:27 AM

  • I was shocked at the fact that Matches is showing the wrong price. I would have assumed it was Net-a-Porter with the incorrect listing. $4500 for a skirt? I’m sure it is exquisite, but really?

    SharonMarch 29th, 2023  9:10 AM


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