March 31st, 2023
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The Bale: Loro Piana’s New Bag

Loro Piana’s Bale Bag is aces. Hand-stitched, a removable inner pouch, and it’s available in two sizes and a wide range of colors. The adjustable shoulder strap that wraps all the way around is a nice design detail. This is a forever bag.

Kummel, beige, navy, white.

  • A very chic and practical bag – no go logo, though. If you are carrying a bag like this, haven’t you already proven your point? Conspicuous branding has it’s place as a design element, but not on such a quietly elegant piece. My opinion, of course.

    TraceyMarch 31st, 2023  12:08 PM

  • A forever bag indeed!

    LisaMarch 31st, 2023  12:13 PM

  • loro piano bags are lovely

    colleenMarch 31st, 2023  12:30 PM

  • Amen, Tracey!

    NancyMarch 31st, 2023  1:16 PM

  • The micro bale bag is great too – I find myself using small bags only these days.

    KathyMarch 31st, 2023  1:27 PM

  • Oh Preston, you had to, didn’t you?! I’ve been eyeing and sighing over this for a while. I feel it’s a sign. Now to choose the right color. (All kidding aside, thank you for the post!)

    Lisa FMarch 31st, 2023  1:31 PM

  • Looks stunning in those two colourways -love the leather and handles. Agree with Tracey, the logo is a bit conspicuous esp in that curly font. I think a more subtle embossed L.P would have been nicer.

    disneyrollergirlMarch 31st, 2023  3:57 PM

  • It looks similar to a Picotin without the strap.

    TracyMarch 31st, 2023  7:45 PM


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