April 4th, 2023

Harper’s Bazaar France

A dear friend just brought me the premiere issue of Harper’s Bazaar France and it is très chic. The second issue is out, maybe it’s a good time to go to Paris…

  • Always a good time to go to Paris!

    RaApril 4th, 2023  6:16 PM

  • Hello Preston, always inspiring. And let’s not forget the incredible guide to Paris from @habituallychic

    SuWuApril 5th, 2023  6:20 AM

  • I spy the beautiful Loro Piana you posted about recently. What are your thoughts on Givency’s new Voyou bag?

    gail c.April 5th, 2023  9:43 AM

  • I was going to say there’s never a bad time to go to Paris but then I remember one August trip lol. Not a fan of the bag but love the caramel coat.

    SueMApril 7th, 2023  9:32 AM


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