April 20th, 2023
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Saint Laurent: Le 37 Bucket

Oh boy, another irresistible Saint Laurent bag also here —  a shiny calf bucket, no less. I wear the SL hobos all the time; this one is tempting for sure.

  • I so love almoat everything about this bag. Love the leather, the size, shape and handle. I just wish the logo was so much logo. Sigh!

    YasminApril 20th, 2023  9:46 AM

  • The addition of the shoulder strap on this new version of the hobo is very appealing. HAve you seen this IRL? I wonder how stiff the leather is, and is it the same basic size as the grainy leather ones that you own?

    CatApril 20th, 2023  10:25 AM

  • Cat- arriving tomorrow, I’ll let you know. xp

    PrestonApril 20th, 2023  10:37 AM

  • This is tempting! The hardware is beautiful, too. I agree with Yasmin on the logo, although I think the logo design itself is fantastic. Trying to decide whether I like the bag enough to attempt changing out the logo.

    RMApril 20th, 2023  11:14 AM

  • It’s a beautiful and versatile bag. The logo doesn’t bother me at all (as long as one’s not wearing other logos a the same time) – to me, it’s like a signature on a piece of art, and when it’s as well designed as the YSL is, I think it adds to the beauty.

    Looking forward to what Preston thinks when it arrives.

    KathyApril 20th, 2023  2:24 PM

  • I am curious if it can be worn cross-body? With two young kiddos, that is what I need right now 🙂
    Thank you! Great find!

    KristinApril 20th, 2023  3:17 PM

  • It has a messenger strap. I’m looking at it as a small tote. xp

    PrestonApril 20th, 2023  3:26 PM

  • I like the shape of the bag but find the large shiny logo cringe-worthy. Would the bag be appealing without it? My preference would be to wear personal jewelry in lieu of logos.

    PaulaApril 21st, 2023  12:39 AM

  • Re: Kaite denim skirt “The Charlene”

    Posts :
    March 23, 2023 “Three Easy Pieces”
    July 31, 2022 “The Kaite Denim Skirt”

    Preston – I want to purchase this skirt
    but need to talk to someone about what size I should order
    as I’ve never seen it in person.

    Is there a phone number at the Kaite Mercer store? –
    I looked online and couldn’t find one – maybe there isn’t one.

    Since you have the “Charlene” style – what do you advise on ordering size:
    up or down or not necessary?

    Sorry this post is out of sync,
    but I$ didn’t know if you would see it if I put it in 3/23/23 post
    which is too old to show when scrolling recent posts.

    Thanks for your help,

    JaniceApril 21st, 2023  10:48 AM

  • Hi Janice,

    I am actually wearing it as I type this… I went down a size (or two) and I’m glad I did because it gave a bit. I, also, shortened it, which I regret. Still below the knee, but not mid-calf — oh well.


    PrestonApril 21st, 2023  11:56 AM

  • Hi Preston,

    Thank you so much for answering my post.
    Hope they have a size small enough for me as I just love the skirt – a great looking equivalent to jeans.- can see the sweaters I wear with jeans looking equally well with that skirt.

    Was also drawn to the skirt because of its mid calf length – something I’ve been looking for for a long time –
    great for my legs that aren’t tan and have accumulated some imperfections over the years.

    The skirt in the 3/23/23 is very good looking, but for me, with my small frame, I like “The Charlene” better because of its clean, spare lines – i.e. no ties, etc.

    Know how you feel about chopping off length…

    Enjoy the weekend!

    P.S. Am not sure how that stray $ crept in toward the end of my post – an alien.

    JaniceApril 21st, 2023  4:18 PM

  • Kathy, your point on the YSL adding to the beauty and design is well taken. I do wear other logos that are less recognizable, and I see them as part of the design, so perhaps I should take the same approach here.

    RMApril 21st, 2023  8:12 PM

  • Bag is gorgeous and the logo clasp is the same size as the ones on my hobos, which are smaller bags. I love the shape, size, and structure, just contemplating box calf and scratches…

    PrestonApril 22nd, 2023  6:59 AM


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