April 29th, 2023

Augustinus Bader: The Retinol Serum

“The Augustinus Bader Retinol Serum is formulated for sensitive skin types who forego vitamin A products to avoid irritation”. Finally, a non-irritating retinol, has anyone tried it? xp

  • Yes. Truly gentle experience for me.

    karenApril 29th, 2023  9:22 AM

  • Hello Preston and KIC audience- I think AB makes an amazing product however I have been using A313 Vitamin A (you can buy at French pharmacy) and I am really impressed with the results!! Plus- only $30!!! Has anyone else enjoying using this French favorite?

    heleneApril 29th, 2023  9:25 AM

  • Thank you! I don’t have extensive experience but found and love Biosannce’s SQUALANE + PHYTO-RETINOL SERUM with bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol. My skin looks & feels improved whenever I use it; which is only when especially in need of a boost, but I should probably try using daily. Smells nice too.

    MaryAApril 29th, 2023  12:32 PM

  • I have been using the BeautyCounter Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum for 6 weeks now, after Salli Hughes recommended it. I started out every other night for 3 weeks & then every night. I like it & I have found it very gentle on my sensitive skin & I apply it over my moisturizer. I also mist my face with Laneige Cream Skin Mist to hydrate. I look forward to trying the AB Retinol Serum next!

    DinaApril 29th, 2023  5:28 PM

  • I love AB and can’t wait to try this new product! I’ve cut way back on both retinol and Vitamin C products. I use them twice a week max and frequently take breaks from them altogether and finding better results.

    PaulaApril 30th, 2023  12:59 AM

  • Agustinus Bader’s products are amazing. The retinol serum is a game changer. Worth every penny! Love the Cleansing Balm too.

    LisaApril 30th, 2023  7:23 AM

  • Green Cream Level 3! I’ve been using green cream forever – the only retinol my skin tolerates.

    EBMay 1st, 2023  5:43 AM

  • I use the A313 Vitamin A (you can buy at French pharmacy) too, love the way my skin looks!!

    Terri CobbMay 1st, 2023  8:20 AM

  • I just saw that the A313 Vitamin A is on amazon. Anyone know if it would be the exact same? two recommendations made me curious.

    Natalie VMay 3rd, 2023  8:44 AM

  • No but have tried their eyelash serum after throwing out other brands because they irritated my skin; the AB serum is both effective and totally irritation-free. I am a fan.

    LaurenMay 3rd, 2023  10:18 AM

  • PS – the best (and least expensive) retinol I have tried is something called Altreno that is prescription-only – my dermatologist calls it in for me.

    LaurenMay 3rd, 2023  10:19 AM


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