May 15th, 2023
New Blog

Mon Review

Monica Ainley de La Villardière recently launched a blog on Substack, Mon Review. I love her personal style and I’m thrilled she is posting on it. Blogs are back big time.

  • Thanks for pointing us in her direction, Preston! Any idea as to who these jeans are by?

    KimMay 15th, 2023  10:13 AM

  • Tried to read through one of the installments. Pass. Give me Preston every day of the week!!

    LorraineMay 15th, 2023  10:30 AM

  • Just subscribed to her via Substack which has become a fun informative app for blog posts.
    Have you ever thought about writing a column, or creating an account on Substack?

    SarahMay 15th, 2023  10:30 AM

  • Always interested in a new perspective – I’ll give Mon Review a try. And Kim, the photo credit for the jeans and white shirt is Sessei –

    Lisa MacMay 15th, 2023  1:30 PM

  • I’ve been reading a particular life-and-style blogger near and dear to my heart on Substack for awhile now and thoroughly enjoying the format (and, of course, Bari Weiss pretty much put Substack on the map with her ground-breaking reporting on more substantive issues). Although my demographic might not be aligned with this author’s particular niche, it’s fun to know about new viewpoints in the realm of fashion and style.

    PaulaMay 16th, 2023  12:27 AM


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