July 4th, 2023
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Crazy For Navy

Last week I rode in Frame jeans that have a lot of stretch. I took pairs that haven’t seen the light of day in quite a while. Dark denim is a struggle for me to style, therefore, a dude ranch was the perfect setting to wear them. While packing, I grabbed a navy crewneck sweater that my daughter wore in middle school. And, voila! That was the answer to my dark denim dilemma. This Arch4 cashmere henley would be a significant upgrade to the one I wore…

  • Navy is my ‘summer black’, if you will. I struggle with dark denim as well and stick to the mid to light wash styles. Dark denim looks great with a white button down, light gray and black, but any other colors are tricky. That henley is perfect. Love that you are shopping your girls’ closets! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJuly 4th, 2023  10:03 PM

  • Dark denim with a navy crew should be a great look. Dark wash jeans are easily my favorites: slimming and can be worn with virtually any top. For office wear, straight dark jeans easily pass as slacks and go well with a blazer, and slim jeans with a loose black or navy button up shirt create an effortless casual (but not too casual!) look. Oh, and the look of dark jean with black booties – it takes you literally everywhere :).

    IrinaJuly 5th, 2023  12:46 AM

  • Navy is my summer “black” too. The Henley is a classic.

    LisaJuly 5th, 2023  7:35 AM

  • I am surprised…I think dark denim lends itself to just about any neutral color! Anything that you would normally pair with navy or black goes with dark denim…easier to style than light denim in my opinion!

    SharonJuly 5th, 2023  8:38 AM

  • I wish Frame would revert back to its early days of super stretchy jeans. Now it seems to be leaning in to the Brigid denim 100% cotton no stretch trend. Frame designers – bring back the lightweight super stretch!!

    Colleen BerryJuly 5th, 2023  8:53 AM

  • Love your posts about navy blue – I remember the one about navy suede Tods – which I couldn’t find! It’s my favorite color for long haul travel too – down to my luggage. I somehow feel crisper in it than black.

    GeorgieJuly 5th, 2023  9:01 AM

  • Thank you AGAIN Preston . I bought an Arche 4 Cambridge cashmere polo sweater last year and have loved it . Your post reminded me to check the brand – there is a wonderful sale at Net a Porter and so many good shapes !!
    best , Brooke

    BrookeJuly 5th, 2023  9:02 AM

  • I don’t like dark denim on me. I always think I “need” a pair, and when I put them on – I feel off. Love the henley, and would look great with a mid wash denim too!

    KathyJuly 5th, 2023  9:13 AM

  • Am curious on why people find dark denim difficult to style? I feel that I have more flexibility with dark denim, less so with white, and I stay away from anything in the middle. Lighter fabric other than white, white seems to make my lower half stand out more (lighter colors advancing to the foreground?) than I want it to.

    ChristinaJuly 6th, 2023  11:13 AM

  • I agree with Marcheline-navy is my summer black too. Ii much prefer a dark indigo denim as I find its appearance more polished and sophisticated. I’m mostly of the opinion that whatever one would wear with black could be worn with dark denim.
    What I struggle to find is a good pair of dark navy pumps. I love the Dior shoes but these are not available in navy. Any ideas?

    RebeccaJuly 27th, 2023  10:54 AM


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