July 6th, 2023
On my Mind

Designer Charlotte Husson Inspired

I’ve been ruminating on my personal style; this is when I turn to women whose style I admire. American-born Parisienne Charlotte Husson is front and center on my inspiration board. I love how she dresses, mostly in her own line, Mister K.  Ms. Husson possesses the ever elusive je ne said quoi of style. And, she has a sensational smile!

My style re-evaluation was sparked by my fatigue with the stealth-wealth/quiet-luxury aka absurdly expensive minimalism trend. I don’t want my clothes to say ‘I’m rich’, I want them to reflect my personal style — a personal style I’m tweaking.

  • So happy to see Ms. Husson featured this morning! I love her natural, good looks and fresh and authentic personal style! I also love that all of her designs are produced in France and European countries! She manages to do so at a reasonable price point, proving it’s entirely possible to avoid consuming clothing from any country that exploits any human or our country – no matter how cool, cheap, or on trend it is.

    PaulaJuly 6th, 2023  12:39 PM

  • With that smile, Charlotte Husson looks rather like a Parisienne Julia Roberts. It’s always lovely when an image reminds us of the joy in style (and life). I look forward to reading your thoughts as you tweak things, Preston.

    RMJuly 6th, 2023  3:37 PM

  • I appreciate your blog so much. You inspire me to live with less!

    AliciaJuly 6th, 2023  3:45 PM

  • What a fabulous post and reflection!
    I agree – I feel we’ve reached peak stealth wealth! I like it’s ease but not as a social hieroglyphic

    SundaeJuly 6th, 2023  4:38 PM

  • Love her style!

    BarbaraJuly 6th, 2023  7:19 PM

  • Genius post! YES, agreed.

    ARBJuly 6th, 2023  7:56 PM

  • I was thinking about you, ARB, when I wrote this post…

    PrestonJuly 6th, 2023  7:57 PM

  • And that is why I enjoy your writing. I rarely purchase the exact items you showcase, but can always find features of items that I want to emulate using new pieces or items I already own. That being said, I do appreciate what you present here…a treat for the senses!

    SharonJuly 7th, 2023  9:52 AM

  • She looks terrific! While I don’t mind staying up to date-moving from straight to skinny to straight leg jeans as the trends dictate, in general, I’d like to buy high quality, items of clothing in all natural fibers that are classic/pretty/practical/elegant. Ideally some combination thereof, and at a reasonable price point. It looks as if that’s what she is offering. Brava! I wonder how complicated ordering/returning will be. Some French companies make it easy and some do not!

    KIC fanJuly 7th, 2023  10:03 AM

  • The first thing I noticed about the photos above – and true for all stylish women I notice around Europe – is they are not laden in logos or anything that screams a particular designer. Except for the tourists of course. It’s usually impossible to identify exactly what a really chic woman is wearing – she just looks lovely and pulled together. It’s not the designer red carpet, nor is it shabby chic for the rich and famous, which screams, “I’m super duper rich.”

    PaulaJuly 7th, 2023  11:45 AM

  • I like Michela Meni. She’s very chic and wears her own brand too.

    TracyJuly 7th, 2023  4:41 PM

  • I just ordered my first item from the brand last week! I haven’t gotten it yet and shipping was $30 (gulp) but customer service was very helpful. (I reached out to the brand via DM to inquire about a sold out trouser and was told they had a little extra fabric and could make a pair for me!)

    TeeJuly 10th, 2023  9:29 AM

  • She looks very cool. A bit Ali McGraw in the close-up.

    That's Not My AgeJuly 10th, 2023  11:47 AM


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