July 13th, 2023
Vogue France

Une Fille, Un Style: Valérie Leberichel

I’m a huge fan of the Vogue France video series, Une Fille, Un Style. The current installment is a visit with one of my style heroes, Valérie Leberichel. The Directior of communications at Givenchy, Ms. Leberichel gives us a tour of her Paris apartment highlighting some of her favorite books, pieces of furniture, and wardrobe items. Even if you don’t speak French, you get a real sense of her enviable personal style.

  • Tres chic

    Jill wolderJuly 13th, 2023  8:32 AM

  • Those sandals in the first pic, whose are they?

    Jean O'KornJuly 13th, 2023  11:26 AM

  • My French is not proficient enough to keep up with what she is saying but that just leaves my brain free to catch all the incredible details of her style. Thank you for alerting me to the series.

    karenJuly 13th, 2023  12:15 PM

  • What are the first sandals she is wearing? Love them.

    ScottyJuly 13th, 2023  12:34 PM

  • How does all that fabulousness and chic style fit inside that tiny space?

    TracyJuly 13th, 2023  1:18 PM

  • Sandals are Khaite and they have a large sale going right now.

    MeredithJuly 13th, 2023  3:21 PM

  • This isn’t about Manolo or Bottega, as NY Times food editor Sam Sifton would say, but a big shout out to the KIC reader that recommended the Hanro Invisible Cotton Full Brief in the recent basics post. I’m sure Ms Leberichel must be wearing them, too, because she’s smiling the same way I am!

    LindaJuly 13th, 2023  5:24 PM

  • I have very much enjoyed this post and the one on Charlotte Husson. Both women are how I want to dress, especially because what they wear can be recreated at all price ranges and are most likely things you already have. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s summer or women’s fashion in general but I’m uninspired where clothes are concerned. But these posts help, they are a breath of fresh air.

    RobynJuly 14th, 2023  6:35 AM

  • Loved this despite not speaking or understanding any French! Any insights or suggestions for similar belts and chunky gold bracelet she wears? Not sure if she discussed where she finds her gold jewelry in the the last segment.

    MarieJuly 14th, 2023  12:51 PM

  • The belt is Miu Miu

    PrestonJuly 14th, 2023  1:08 PM

  • To Marie – Valerie’s chunky bracelet is by Pascale Monvoisin, www.pascalemonvoisin.com. Hope this helps. I enjoy Preston’s posts as well as comments section. Love being part of KIC community!

    ZivileJuly 14th, 2023  2:13 PM

  • In terms of her wardrobe, I think the standout piece is the tuxedo/bib shirt. Like Ms. Husson, nary a logo to be seen anywhere! Nor is the apartment furnished in a way that it advertises products or designers. No shelves of Birkin bags lined up for guests to admire. For me, chic is always quiet. (Love the hardware on her French door.)

    PaulaJuly 14th, 2023  4:37 PM

  • A stand alone treat!Thank you Preston for your brilliant site…I always feel better for having caught up with your discoveries and ideas.

    Juliet McKenzieJuly 17th, 2023  12:31 AM

  • Classy woman with an exquisite taste. How old is Valerie?

    SophieAugust 16th, 2023  7:44 AM


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