July 17th, 2023
Fall Find #1

The Untied Tie-Neck Blouse

I’m kicking off the week with the first post of items or styling tips that I’m considering for fall. This Prada tie-neck blouse, loosely or completely untied, is on my inspiration board. White and blue

Image left Konfekt summer 2023 issue, right Vogue France June/July issue.

  • Love! I have several Prada blouses like this. I also have 2 poplin ones where the tie is in the back. I never tied them because it was uncomfortable around my neck and I like how the ties look cascading down my back.

    TracyJuly 17th, 2023  10:30 AM

  • I love a tie neck blouse. I usually do a low square knot. But this fall I will leave it completely untied. Thanks for the inspo!

    LisaJuly 17th, 2023  10:47 AM

  • No need to wait for fall- I have several short-sleeved silk blouses with tie- necks that I leave untied in the summer. A cool look and feel for the warm months!

    BonnieJuly 17th, 2023  12:32 PM

  • I ordered the Toteme bag, from two posts ago, and it’s gorgeous. More beautiful than the photos! Thank you.

    KathyJuly 18th, 2023  8:19 AM

  • Thank you for circling back!! xp

    PrestonJuly 18th, 2023  8:21 AM


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