July 28th, 2023
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My Favorite White Shirt

Monica Ainley de La Villardière is my spirit animal when it comes to white shirts — it’s no secret that I’m taken with her personal style overall. I posted this image two years ago for the white jeans, but I’m rerunning it now for the shirt. My favorite white shirt has a half placket, which I find easier to tuck into the front of my jeans. And, Ann Mashburn makes the best one. I live in Ann’s white jeans, too. I bought the Flare Cropped 5-pocket jeans and cut and frayed the hems. Monica is a big fan of the Hermès Oran sandal and I’ve been wearing mine more often this summer as well. Go down a size because once the leather gives you’ll slide right out the front, which is neither comfortable nor a good look.

  • Just ordered the shirt on your recommendation – thank you!

    LaurenJuly 28th, 2023  3:17 PM

  • Do these Ann Mashburn jeans fit similar to the Frame Le Crop Mini Boot?

    JanetJuly 28th, 2023  7:00 PM

  • Yes, go down a size

    PrestonJuly 28th, 2023  7:08 PM

  • Love all white with those sandals. I hesitated for a while, but will wear them forever!

    SharonJuly 28th, 2023  7:41 PM

  • You & Ann both rock! Classic with a slight edge – totally my vibe!

    MaryBJuly 28th, 2023  8:50 PM

  • Same could be said of you, MaryB! xp

    PrestonJuly 28th, 2023  9:01 PM

  • Thank you for introducing me to Ann. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and it all started with the buckle shoe. You also introduced me to Monica, who we can all agree is incredibly chic. Keep the great posts and introductions coming, Preston! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJuly 28th, 2023  10:17 PM

  • Going on an adventurous voyage in September – this post may have just solved my packing dilemma. My mantra is Keep it Simple (and as chic as possible)!

    PaulaJuly 30th, 2023  8:46 PM

  • Needed an inspiration for what to wear today. Thank you, now I know.

    karenAugust 1st, 2023  10:48 AM

  • Hi Preston … my first Oran sandals fitted at the Hermes store and … they are loose . Yes you are right . Why oh why didn’t they tell me to go down a half or a full size ? Granted the length is perfect the width is loose. Do you recommend a half or full size down ? Do I even give up on the Oran or head in to another pair much smaller than I would ever typically purchase ? Thoughts ? Thank you

    JoAugust 19th, 2023  9:04 PM

  • I went down a full size, but the sole is VERY trim to my foot. Half size smaller would look best I think.

    PrestonAugust 20th, 2023  11:15 AM

  • Thanks Preston !

    JoAugust 20th, 2023  11:25 AM


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