August 3rd, 2023
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FW23 Miu Miu

Covetable coats and five-star layering — Miu Miu FW23 has a lot to love. However, what I love the most is that I already have great coats, cashmere twinsets, knee-length skirts, and kitten heel slingbacks, which means I can easily recreate the looks. I just don’t have beige slingbacks and will try these. Black here.

  • It looks like Mui Mui “borrowed” your look!

    Lisa EastmanAugust 3rd, 2023  5:04 PM

  • These looks are amazing. Though, the pantyhose stretched above the skirt and over sweater with mussed hair feels like a message.

    karenAugust 3rd, 2023  6:57 PM

  • A message about women with so many balls in the air that they forget to brush their hair or accidentally tuck their shirt into their tights. I’ve been that woman. Years ago, I was in a meeting and realized my skirt was on backwards….

    PrestonAugust 3rd, 2023  8:00 PM

  • This post is so timely. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how to update my style (classic/minimalism w/an edge) and how to combine the pieces I have differently (as well as adding some new). I’m catching myself styling my pieces as I always/often have in the past and I’m challenging myself to learn new ways to style my wardrobe.
    I remember when I was young how older women’s hairstyles and clothing were the same they wore as young women and how it dated them. Occasionally I’d see a 50+ woman styling her hair and clothing on trend and looking terrific. I made a note to myself to try to be the later ‘when I was old’ 😉 Studying runway styling is one place to begin – I would appreciate how other’s approach this. Thank you Preston for the thought-provoking post!

    Lisa FAugust 3rd, 2023  10:35 PM

  • The coat above is the same shape as the dark blue wool boucle coat I found in Paris last December! It’s a great throw-on-and-go shape and length, worn open or closed, perfect for in and out of the car. Karen’s observation about the pantyhose is hilarious. I didn’t even see it at first glance. 🙂

    PaulaAugust 4th, 2023  1:23 AM

  • Paula, that coat sounds like a happy pairing with all sorts of outfits. And Preston, it’s refreshing to see all this good layering at Miu Miu. I’ve found that beige slingbacks are among my most versatile shoes. The color and line visually work with a number of hem lengths, including both classic lengths and some trickier mid lengths.

    RMAugust 4th, 2023  7:21 AM

  • It seems like the models and dressers at the Miu Miu show were too rushed, given the pantyhose situation, rats nest hair and the other model pictured who forgot her skirt. ;-}

    SharonAugust 4th, 2023  8:47 AM

  • Honestly, like Sharon, my first thought was that the model had to do a quick change, just pulled the sweater over her head and was pushed out the door! If there is a message, I don’t know what it is. 🙂

    PaulaAugust 4th, 2023  2:49 PM


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