September 8th, 2023
On My Mind

Tinker, Tailor

On my summer list was a long, easy, non-satin skirt. Early August I popped into James Perse to try the above skirt in grey. It was exactly what I was looking for just a tad too big, therefore I ordered a size down. I wore my new skirt to an event in the city and realized that it was extremely narrow at the bottom, I was taking mincing steps like a geisha and had to hold up the bottom so I could walk. That was an untenable solution, so off the skirt went to be shortened keeping the hem longer in the back. It may not be long and flowy now, however, I will wear it and the cream one more often and year-round.

  • Agree! Great solution.

    LisaSeptember 8th, 2023  7:20 AM

  • Preston, lucky for me I have been following you for years. Thanks for being you and not like the masses of others on social media, who often post similar looks.

    BetsySeptember 8th, 2023  9:56 AM

  • Agreed, asking a tailor to shorten the skirt is a good solution. Before I saw your “after” photo, I thought you might have asked your tailor to remove a couple of inches from the bottom, so I didn’t expect to see a skirt hemmed just below the knee. This post is a reminder to get professional help when faced with clothes that don’t fit. I usually hang the offending item on my resale rack and vow to never impulse click.
    I can see why you were surprised when you put the skirt on. The photos on the site don’t show how narrow the skirt is at the hem.

    SharonSeptember 8th, 2023  11:13 AM

  • There is nothing worse than a ‘function’ of the seemingly perfect product not meeting the mark. I’m not willing to compromise functionality for fashion, and I’m relieved to hear that you are the same way. The skirt looks great shortened and the hunt continues for the long, easy skirt. You may even find one on sale now that summer is on it’s way out! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineSeptember 11th, 2023  4:11 PM


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