September 5th, 2023
On My Mind

Wear Your White Summer Skirts This Fall And Beyond

The end of summer is bittersweet. I will miss the long days and eating meals al fresco, yet, August was cooler and lovely and got me excited for fall. But not so fast, a heatwave snuck in and it will be in the 90s all week. My nod to the calendar will be to wear slingbacks instead of sandals in the city. Thankfully, the white skirt year-round trend will come in handy with the wide ranging temps.

Left image from @vieffestyle, bottom right skirt and sweater from Orr Store in South Korea.

  • Love a good white skirt. What’s your position on eyelet/broderie anglaise?

    joannawnycSeptember 5th, 2023  10:09 AM

  • I love it in the spring and summer.

    PrestonSeptember 5th, 2023  10:13 AM

  • Love the white skirt with the chunky sweater.

    CarringtonSeptember 5th, 2023  10:41 AM

  • In one of the last scenes in “Ocean’s 12,” Julia Roberts’ and George Clooney’s characters visit the Nightfox’s villa on Lake Como. She is wearing a gray sweater with a white skirt in the cool Mediterranean early evening. She wears hers with a slightly full white skirt with a fitted sweater — either with three-quarter sleeves or long sleeves pushed up — for a super-feminine silhouette. I’ve been obsessed with the look ever since I first saw the movie in 2004.

    KathySeptember 5th, 2023  11:37 AM

  • I’m with Carrington! Any idea where the skirt and sweater are from? I think white and camel are so chic.

    KimSeptember 5th, 2023  12:21 PM

  • These images are from Instagram and Pinterest.

    PrestonSeptember 5th, 2023  1:21 PM

  • I’d love more details on the photo of the grey sweater/white skirt pic! Any chance you have the source?

    CherieSeptember 6th, 2023  5:55 PM

  • So, I have followed you for a long time ; subscriber and on Insta. What a disappointing post! I have actually been looking for a white skirt this week for an upcoming trip to Greece. Instead of reposting images from Pinterest, where are the examples of outfits, inspiration, and shopping links from you? I can look at images all day long… I expect more from a high end “influencer.”

    LisaSeptember 6th, 2023  8:08 PM

  • The point of this post is that it’s chic to continue wearing your white summer skirts into fall and beyond. When I spot clothes and accessories that I love and buy, I put them on the site. There is a mind-boggling number of full-on shopping sites with endless product recommendations in the blogosphere and I often refer to the ones I follow.

    PrestonSeptember 7th, 2023  7:29 AM

  • Left image from @vieffestyle, bottom right skirt and sweater from Orr Store in South Korea.

    PrestonSeptember 7th, 2023  8:05 AM

  • Unlike a very few, I enjoy reading your posts for inspiration, not for specific links to products, and I think the majority of your readers do the same. Personally, I am not in the position to purchase most of the exact items you feature…I don’t have the funds, nor does my lifestyle lend itself to such purchases. However, I do enjoy your suggestions, and have used them on occasion to find garments that are similar in feel and style that suit me perfectly!

    SharonSeptember 7th, 2023  9:16 AM

  • Agree with Sharon 100%. I love your inspiration posts as they allow me to imagine variation on the theme. This post led me to buy a pair of winter white jeans to wear with those gorgeous neutral sweaters. I don’t live a lifestyle for a skirt, so this was perfect.

    KathySeptember 7th, 2023  10:35 AM

  • Keep doing what you are doing Preston…
    Your amazing style and great taste inspire me everyday!

    SusanSeptember 7th, 2023  10:57 AM

  • Like Sharon and Kathy, I too love when you post your thoughts about seasons changing and how we should not allow trends to dictate what we wear. I certainly don’t expect you to be my personal shopper. Instead, I read your posts to find inspiration for how to wear something I own in a different way, or to purchase a piece I know I will wear for a very long time.

    EvelynSeptember 7th, 2023  11:02 AM

  • Here is one more voice to thank you for what you are doing Preston ! With or without shopping links I will be following you

    ZivileSeptember 7th, 2023  11:29 AM

  • Love all you posts

    JeanSeptember 7th, 2023  11:52 AM

  • Love all your posts, thoughts, and inspiration. Thank you Preston for the time, care, and attention you take – so very appreciated!

    Lisa FSeptember 7th, 2023  2:35 PM

  • I love this post; I felt it to be a chic suggestion of what to pull from my wardrobe to respond to a late summer burst of heat. Thank you Preston

    MargaretSeptember 7th, 2023  3:39 PM

  • I always look forward to your next STORY – whether it is ON MY MIND, IT ITEMS, ON MY RADAR etc. ! I just wish “ALL” STORIES remained on the website. You posted once about the jeweler who updated your mother’s jewelry and if you wouldn’t mind sharing that contact again, I need to do that too. Thank you for your chic, fabulous content!

    Lisa DSeptember 7th, 2023  4:08 PM

  • Variety is the spice of life and, curiously, as I went back to the recent book recommendations at KiC, I was thinking how refreshing it is to have a variety of posts here. Mood boards are mixed with runway photos, interesting finds on Pinterest and in fashion mags, lovely photos of closet finds, recommendations on fashion related services such as leather restoration… I am not at all into following any influencers in any field, so am particularly appreciative that this is not what this blog is about. Rather, this is like a chat with a friend where you’re sharing whatever caught your eye.

    IrinaSeptember 7th, 2023  5:35 PM

  • I love your thoughts on all things:
    Fashion, travel, books, movies, family, etc.
    For me, this site is about inspiration.
    The fact that it is not riddled with links and clicks is what makes
    it feel more like art versus commerce.
    I admire you and what you have created. Running into you in BG was a highlight of my summer.

    LauraSeptember 8th, 2023  6:16 AM

  • Keep it Chic is the site I look forward to reading every morning. I even do searches on topics I am curious about at other times. I love it all! Thank you!

    DebbieSeptember 8th, 2023  7:10 AM

  • Thank you for all of the kind comments!

    PrestonSeptember 8th, 2023  7:44 AM

  • My compliments to the curator ~ bringing smart and stylish recommendations and observations to our attention is a unique niche. Writing about what constitutes a chic and a well considered life is one thing. Shopping is an entirely different thing. One can’t set about to shop until one knows what it is she is wants. This blog helps us edit, clarify, inspire, inform, and offers a great big conversation throughout. And sometimes it turns into a debate, which is informative as well.

    PaulaSeptember 9th, 2023  1:58 AM

  • The thing I love best about your blog, Preston, is the element of surprise:
    What’s the topic going to be when I open KIC?
    You have something for everyone.
    No matter how short I am on time I always check to see what you’ve posted.
    It’s a pleasant diversion from the unpleasant stuff in today’s world. : )

    JANICESeptember 9th, 2023  6:31 PM

  • As always what Paula says. Thank you for the opportunity toparticipate in and learn from this discussion..

    BarbaraSeptember 10th, 2023  4:59 PM

  • Classic style is timeless, and shopping your closet is smart- your posts are inspiring!

    Robin BlumenthalSeptember 13th, 2023  12:18 PM


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