October 18th, 2023
On My Inspiration Board

Self Service: Modern Elegance

These three pictures from Fall/Winter 2023 Self Service are the epitome of modern elegance, something I mused on in a recent post. The hair pulled back, a bold red lip, and clutch and gloves elevate each look.

  • Very elegant and beautiful. Do you have any suggestions, or does anyone else here, for a red lipstick for someone over 50 or older? What looks fantastic on someone very young can get a bit clownish on someone not so young, but I love the idea of a red lip and am forever searching for “the one”.

    KathyOctober 18th, 2023  12:38 PM

  • Beautiful and super refined! America needs to get back to refined, which isn’t the same as expensive. London taxi drivers are better educated, better spoken, and more refined than our average college students. Just as we are what we eat, what we read, what we look at, who we surround ourselves with, we are also what we wear. Clothes don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t define us, but they are an outward sign of civility and respect for our fellow citizens. 🙂

    PaulaOctober 18th, 2023  1:24 PM

  • These looks feel right. Kathy, I am in my 50s and like Fresh’s red lip balm (it wears like a lipstick but easy to apply) and Chanel’s “Gabrielle.” The Fresh is terrific for day (work or more casual outings) and the Chanel is great for an evening out.

    MichelleOctober 18th, 2023  11:25 PM

  • I came back to look and thank you Michelle. I’d forgotten about Fresh! I will get both of your recommendations.

    KathyOctober 19th, 2023  7:44 AM

  • I also struggle with a red lip as my features are so pale, will check out recommendations. Speaking of red, that last look is breathtaking!

    SueMOctober 19th, 2023  11:05 AM

  • I keep coming back here just to look at these beautiful photographs of yours. Simple and stunning against the wood backdrop.

    MariaOctober 21st, 2023  12:52 AM


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