November 10th, 2023

Holiday Issue N° 392 Paris

The new issue of Holiday is packed with fantastic fashion stories and these pages highlight a few items that I’m wearing often. Gloves and hosiery are getting a lot of love now that the weather has cooled. The Phoebe Philo gloves are gorgeous — beautiful leather and craftsmanship. I’ve been into hosiery for a few seasons and I even like the nude stockings seen on many SS24 runways. Heeled pumps are front and center this fall— not as skyscraping as these Saint Laurent’s — three inches max is my ideal lift.  And for a bit of eye candy, the Chanel skirt suit is perfect, period.

  • Legs for days….. wings to fly,…..stunning Chanel…

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    b.November 10th, 2023  1:15 PM

  • That Chanel suit is perfection.

    MelissaNovember 10th, 2023  1:57 PM

  • I love the top image! The overall proportions – a belt cinching the waist, the skirt length, the generous shawl, pumps and sheer stockings – are always smooth and easy on the eye. Hosiery and gloves can be counted on to finish a look and make any woman look smarter and more polished.

    PaulaNovember 10th, 2023  4:47 PM

  • That Chanel suit is sublime.

    Lisa FNovember 10th, 2023  8:58 PM

  • All so beautiful Preston, and Paula, I agree with you re the top photo – sublime.

    SherryNovember 10th, 2023  11:43 PM

  • The ascot blouse in photo 2 is my choice. I also love the Chanel suit.

    TracyNovember 11th, 2023  11:41 AM

  • I don’t think equating wearing flats instead of heels, with yoga pants/leggings is really an accurate comparison. Many of us, myself included, no longer feel comfortable in heels or have a lifestyle that they fit into. I don’t think of it as “letting myself go” I have some beautiful shoes, but all flats.

    KathyNovember 11th, 2023  5:14 PM

  • At my over-60 age, kitten heels are my max. The model looks gorgeous in those higher heels and if I were her, I would choose them, too! Heels make calves look better. Flats make me look and feel a little flat-footed and don’t support my arches, but I think they are super chic and I envy women who can wear them. Just recently I saved a link to the adorable sling-back, cap-toe black calf flats from Chanel, thinking maybe I should try them. They are beautiful shoes. Simple ballet flats are beautiful, and my tall daughter looks so great in them.

    PaulaNovember 11th, 2023  7:29 PM

  • I don’t see flats or leggings as ‘letting myself go’, I see them as comfortable options that I reach for too often. And, it probably does have to do with where I live and my lifestyle. I was at a lunch last week and no one was wearing sneakers and just a few wore flats. Not towering heels, but block or kitten. I removed ‘slippery slope’.

    PrestonNovember 12th, 2023  6:26 AM

  • Flats, kitten,block, or high heels, I love them all!

    AprilNovember 16th, 2023  9:39 AM


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