November 11th, 2023
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Three Easy Pieces

A short duffle jacket is something I would wear a lot. The Prada jacket is the perfect length, but I don’t want navy. The Toteme grey felted wool jacket is a tad longer, but more in line with what I need. I’ve had my eye on the Polo Ralph Lauren plaid sweater, it’s a fun piece. These The Row mules look comfortable and would be great with pants. I’m leaning toward a pair in brown.

  • I like the Totme jacket but it’s good to have a couple of layers on a windy day.

    CBNovember 12th, 2023  7:19 AM

  • These pieces are perfection. Very well edited. I would like all three and the Toteme jacket.

    Lisa EastmanNovember 12th, 2023  7:23 AM

  • All three pieces are wonderful. Considering if the Toteme jacket would be good for California ~ Any opinions?

    KathyNovember 12th, 2023  7:40 AM

  • Kathy, my sister bought a Burberry wool cropped duffel coat (fuschia with toggles and hood – so cute) 20 years ago, wore in heavy rotation and passed to me where I break it out about now in sunny San Diego for winter. Unlined so perfect for layering. Excellent cost per wear!

    NancyNovember 12th, 2023  10:11 AM

  • All three selections are items you would wear for years to come. I like the hood & pockets on the Toteme jacket. It’s a great car coat!

    CharlotteNovember 12th, 2023  10:25 AM

  • Thanks Nancy! Just ordered the Toteme.

    KathyNovember 12th, 2023  10:52 AM

  • Have my eye on that Toteme jacket as well. They manage to make classics look new and stylish without losing what makes them a classic. Love.

    SueMNovember 12th, 2023  11:51 AM

  • Has anyone checked out the JW Anderson x Uniqlo cropped duffle jacket? I have an old Prada one that I still wear but that one looks perfect. It comes in tan and black.

    TracyNovember 12th, 2023  6:38 PM

  • Ralph Lauren has a version of a short duffle jacket too. It’s called the Oversize Cropped Wool-Blend Toggle Coat. The color is a pretty tan, but I don’t like that it’s unlined.

    StarrchicNovember 14th, 2023  8:22 AM


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