December 12th, 2023
On My Mind

Holiday Bits & Bobs

It’s the final stretch of 2023 and this is my last to-do list. Christmas plates are out and in use, tree this weekend. Good thing my girls don’t read kic because I’m looking for the Chanel flats above for my younger daughter for a combined Christmas/birthday present. The girls’ birthdays bracket Christmas by a day, very bad planning on my part. I’m finishing North Woods, which is incredibly well written, and will dive right into The Bee Sting by Paul Murray. Yes, it’s another epic novel, but the reviews are fantastic. Good luck finding a copy. One more facial before year’s end at Augustinus Bader Skin Lab NYC. The AB Soothing Cream is my skin savior and you can buy refills. A festive sweater has never been my thing, but this Max Mara vest could sway me.

  • Ballet flats always look good, I guess that is why the style endures. Love the vest.

    AprilDecember 12th, 2023  12:06 PM

  • Best of luck in your search. House also bedecked and plates are out. My youngest daughter inherited my mother’s (shocking) love of kitschy sweaters but I’m not sure if I could do it.
    If I could bother you Preston, what exactly do you love about the AB cream? I have rosacea and am curious about it. Thank you!

    SueMDecember 12th, 2023  2:45 PM

  • The AB cream, so far, does not irritate my skin. After months of isolating foods, I have a list of ones I need to avoid: chocolate, tomato sauce, peanuts, balsamic vinegar, cinnamon, hot spices, lemon, and strawberries. Sad, really.

    PrestonDecember 12th, 2023  3:59 PM

  • Preston, Do you have Rosacea? Or something else? Love, Pamela

    Pamela TaftDecember 12th, 2023  5:18 PM

  • Thanks, some of those things are on my list as well and it is sad! I will try the cream because time always tells and if you’ve been using it for a while I’m sure it’s okay. Best.

    SueMDecember 12th, 2023  6:19 PM

  • Rosacea

    PrestonDecember 12th, 2023  10:56 PM

  • Hello, I have rosacea too and it’s worsened into blepharitis with menopause. Reducing gluten and sugar to once a week and no wine (champagne, tequila and sake ok thus far) has helped significantly as has cooking whenever possible in ghee. I am of Indian origin and this advice from a renowned Aryuveda doctor has been the only advice that has worked for me.

    MMSDecember 13th, 2023  3:08 AM

  • If you find those shoes, let me know where. I still can’t find a pair in my size in all black. Love it all!

    TracyDecember 13th, 2023  8:54 AM

  • I hate how amazing the AB cream is, it really is worth the hype and the price and nothing else I’ve tried comes close. Been using it on & off for years, always trying to find a cheaper option in between and finally just accepted it and signed up for auto-replenish this morning! I have rosacea and I live on the coast in Maine so windy chapped skin all winter. Ran out this morning (also not a fan of the packaging, wish I could see when it was low, hence the auto-replenish) and was very tempted to buy the $$$ 100ml bottle ; )

    LauraDecember 13th, 2023  8:57 AM

  • G has developed very chic taste – the ballet flats are beautiful and understated. Does the lack of punctuation in North Woods bother you?

    Love your plates!

    KathyDecember 13th, 2023  11:20 AM

  • Apologies – it’s the Bee Sting where the punctuation drops out….

    KathyDecember 13th, 2023  12:48 PM

  • I also have suffered with rosacea at different times, but it has been under control for a number of years. I do have blepharitis though, my eye doc says they go hand in hand. I have had significant success with Ocusoft platinum scrub as of late, after several years of using products with little success.

    AprilDecember 13th, 2023  2:20 PM

  • Happy Holidays ~ what a cheery selection of photos here! For years I set the table with Austrian green and white ‘swirl’ pattern pottery plates and oversized mugs for December and January but recently handed the set off to my daughter. Your red stag plates are making me miss them! I love the Bader line and have used for a couple of years, in combination with some other favorite skin care lines. Just recently added the Retinol Serum and give it an A+.

    PaulaDecember 14th, 2023  12:56 AM

  • A lovely way to start the festive season. Relaxing with books ideal.
    Such a cozy dinner set ideal for this time of year. I inherited set of dishes but not festive sadly. Think to get something simple and add the Xmas decor instead. Have a large reindeer candleholder that I love. I am also not a fan of Xmas sweaters .
    Your facial products are something to consider in future
    A very merry Christmas Preston.

    VictoriaDecember 14th, 2023  10:27 AM

  • I like a ‘fair isle’ style jumper (can be quite festive!) and have collected quite a few over the years. I particularly love my green and orange Gucci fair isle jumper bought after seeing it featured in one of your posts Preston – still reaching for it at this time of year. Happy Christmas to all.

    MargaretDecember 14th, 2023  4:27 PM


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