December 27th, 2023
On My Mind

‘Tis The Season To Say Thank You

The liminal period between the holidays and the new year is a welcome week of calm before we ramp up again. The shopping pressure is off, returns have been sent, and now it’s time to settle in and write thank you notes. Thank yous to the hostesses for holiday lunches and parties, for the presents from family and friends, and a virtual thank you for all of the kic comments. I’ve chosen a comment that resonated and will post on it tomorrow.

Smythson Correspondence Cards in Blue and Nile Blue

  • Thank You Preston

    For your insight, suggestions, and group of incredible interactive followers!

    SusanDecember 27th, 2023  9:53 AM

  • Thank you for all of your great posts and wonderful information! Happy 2024, Preston!

    Karen lee GrybowskiDecember 27th, 2023  10:14 AM

  • Yes, Thank You to Preston, this is the ONLY blog I follow all the time and, as I (…an otherwise stranger!) have been compelled to relay to her by email in the past, it has helped me stay afloat with my style here in the Boston suburbs :):) Your style is vast and inspiring, and also kind. Example of the multifaceted loveliness is right here in this post, to contemplate the “liminal”– and what looks to be a very pretty table for those likewise pretty notecards! I’m convinced that style is one way we can take care of ourselves, and everything stems from that; so big thanks to you & your readers, and best wishes to all in the new year ahead. Cheers!

    MaryADecember 27th, 2023  11:16 AM

  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you! Thank you for our many years of dear and cherished friendship. XO

    GigiDecember 27th, 2023  11:34 AM

  • Thank you, Preston for keeping us chic, informed and well read!

    Lisa EastmanDecember 27th, 2023  12:00 PM

  • Happy New Year to you, Preston, and the entire KIC community!

    AprilDecember 27th, 2023  12:44 PM

  • Thank you Preston for all of your posts. Really enjoy reading these. Happy New year to you and your family. And to all KiC readers.

    KattikaDecember 27th, 2023  3:04 PM

  • Thank you Preston! Love to you and all the KIC gang. Hoping for a chic 2024 for us all! X

    disneyrollergirlDecember 27th, 2023  7:00 PM

  • Superb use of the word “liminal” here. Thank you, once again, for your chic.

    M. Kirk OkayDecember 27th, 2023  8:59 PM

  • Also love that I can never remember what day it is but it doesn’t matter. Happy limbo week to you and all of the KiC community.

    SueMDecember 28th, 2023  7:12 PM


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