December 21st, 2023
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Fun Tights: Fishnets

Fishnets are once again in fashion and look good to my eye this time around. Ann Mashburn posted the above pic of Brigitte Bardot trimming a tree wearing fishnets, and FT did a solid round up on the fun, and somewhat sexy, hosiery du jour.  Fishnets come in a wide range of weaves and I prefer the wide weave below.

  • love to know which brand is which one on the image ! great image ! LOVE 🙂

    Lela KatsuneDecember 21st, 2023  9:32 AM

  • I have always loved the look of fishnets. But, being over 50: can I wear them without looking like a fashion victim?

    RebeccaDecember 21st, 2023  6:37 PM

  • I don’t know…I’m probably beyond the age for fishnets. I wore them in high school…in the ‘60s!

    SharonDecember 21st, 2023  7:58 PM

  • Hello Preston, if you really want to have some fun, put the wider weave style over colored opaques.

    SuWuDecember 21st, 2023  8:40 PM

  • Preston, thank you for the great news, I have a drawer, of unopened fishnets from the 1960’s, Yes, I am that far away vintage. I’ll be bringing them out. But then, we wore them with colored tights underneath!!!

    Lynn HamiltonDecember 21st, 2023  8:43 PM

  • I remember seeing Diane Von Furstenburg say that fishnets were the secret weapon for women of a certain age. Can’t think of a better recommendation (besides Preston or Ann of course).

    SueMDecember 21st, 2023  9:19 PM

  • Great article. Wolford does indeed make some of the best fishnets. Really like them when my outfit needs just a little “oomph”, plus it’s a small investment.

    Sharon, I read somewhere that for us (ahem) “older” women, fishnets can act like a bit of airbrushing and blur the lines. I think that’s very true.

    Preston, Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season! Thank you for all the great reading throughout the year!

    KimDecember 22nd, 2023  8:35 AM

  • I love fishnets!!!

    LDecember 23rd, 2023  8:19 AM

  • Count me in as over 60 and wearing fishnet stockings! Because my overall look always leans classic, I don’t risk looking as though trying to emulate Ms. Bardot. A younger woman might wear with a leather miniskirt , red lipstick and stilettos; my direction would be a wool skirt, kitten heels, and softer lip color.

    PaulaDecember 23rd, 2023  11:38 AM

  • As is often the case, Paula nailed my view on this – when worn with otherwise classic pieces, fishnets can add just a little interest for us [just] over 60’s. I also remember the Diane Von Furstenburg quote – she was referring to neutral-colored fishnets which are also great for that airbrushed look. Headed to, for sure! Thank you for a year of inspiration to Preston and this whole community! Happy holidays!

    Lisa MacDecember 23rd, 2023  3:31 PM

  • Love fishnets! Which image is which brand?

    Lisa EastmanDecember 27th, 2023  12:04 PM


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