February 1st, 2024
It Item

Slip Into Saint Laurent

Both toe shapes on these SS24 Saint Laurent slip-ons are divine. Left & right.

  • An interested in square toe. Thank you

    Josie ThayerFebruary 2nd, 2024  10:58 AM

  • The square toe is interesting but I’m drawn to the pointed toe for this spring. Like the idea of it peeking out from underneath my Frankie shop long skirt and wider pants so bought some from By Far. What are you thinking Preston?

    SueMFebruary 2nd, 2024  6:56 PM

  • I have the pointed toe Frame slingbacks, so I’m eyeing the square.

    PrestonFebruary 2nd, 2024  7:51 PM

  • Hi Preston, I love checking your blog you have beautiful taste and style. I wanted to let you know that “eeny meany miney moe” has racist roots. I am sure you had no idea, nor did I. I am a middle school teacher and I have a very diverse group of students who help me stay informed about things like this. One day I said to my kids in the back row “ok quiet down in the peanut gallery!” One of my students told me that phrase had racist roots. I was so shocked but also so grateful to find this out. So I am paying it forward to you with appreciation and gratitude. No need to publish this! xo

    AnnieFebruary 3rd, 2024  1:15 PM

  • Thank you, Annie, I had no idea. Warmly, Preston

    PrestonFebruary 3rd, 2024  2:37 PM

  • Thank you Annie! Appreciate it as well.

    SueMFebruary 3rd, 2024  5:44 PM

  • Yes, thank you Annie. I was aware of the “enny meany” problem, but had never heard of the questionable meaning of “peanut gallery”. Never too old to learn!

    SharonFebruary 4th, 2024  8:45 PM


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