February 16th, 2024
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Super Random

While I’m keeping an eye on all-things fashion, I’m also involved with all-things garden. I am in two GCA garden clubs and was tapped last spring to help choose the speakers for one of them. This has been a fun and somewhat nerve wracking endeavor. This week we hosted the brilliant K Greene, co-founder of the Hudson Valley Seed Co. I was introduced to K by the artist Carol Greenan Bouyoucos. Carol designed their most recent seed packet, which features foxgloves. I can’t wait to see the NYBG Orchid Show that opens tomorrow. The theme is Florals In Fashion. Thankfully, the fashion community is focused on overconsumption and this new campaign, ‘Girls Just Wanna Grow Plants’, makes me smile. And, a big congratulations to longtime kic reader Laing F. Rikkers on her ‘Best Book Cover Design’ award for Morning Leaves.

Below is an excerpt from Harper’s Bazaar editor in chief Samira Nasr’s recently launched newsletter titled Samira’s Notebook. Since the newsletter appears to be for subscribers only, I posted it briefly then removed it. Karen asked if I would rerun the bit on Sofia Coppola’s NYC picks.

Favorite coffee spot?

For a coffee or a Negroni, Bar Pisellino. I love their little Italian sandwiches when you need a quick bite on the way to a movie or to go for a trip. And then McNulty’s on Christopher Street is such a great and historic place to buy teas and coffee.

Bite to eat?

I like RedFarm on the Upper West Side for dumplings and EN Japanese Brasserie for classic Japanese food and beautiful flowers. You can reserve a tatami room for a small group for special occasions.

Neighborhood go-tos?

Thompson Chemists is a family-run pharmacy in SoHo where you get real customer service and European pharmacy products. I go to ThColor House New York on Lafayette for film processing and to buy Kodak Portra 35mm film. For books, Three Lives & Company in the West Village. I love to go there and discuss books with the staff.


The Judd Foundation preserves Donald Judd’s home in SoHo. Call for a private tour.

Let’s talk clothing. Denim? Favorite white tee? Socks? 

I go to the Levi’s on Broadway for classic jeans. It has a great tailor and customization department, and you can bring your vintage Levi’s in to get altered. This is my favorite white tee and these are my favorite cashmere socks.

I am building a stack of bangles and will add the David Yurman Cable bracelet. I love the cable ring from a recent post and I only wear oval shaped bangles so this one is a win-win. For evening, when I want some serious sparkle without breaking the bank, I pull out this glamorous Merrichase cuff by my friend Jennifer Powers.

Designer Kendall Conrad could be a modern day Swan. She is in the process of shifting her business to a creative consultation studio for like minded brands. Everything Kendall puts her mind to is chic. Good luck, KC!

And, this Toteme brown coat that I posted on last August is fabulous. Oversized is an understatement, runs extremely large.

  • Thank you so much for the kind words about Morning Leaves. KIC has provided much inspiration over the years and I always look forward to your posts.
    Thanks again!

    Laing RikkersFebruary 16th, 2024  3:08 PM

  • Love it all Thank you for posting.

    ClaireFebruary 16th, 2024  3:52 PM

  • Any word on the brand of KC’s jeans from the picture above? I have been trying to hunt down this very color forever!

    IrinaFebruary 16th, 2024  11:46 PM

  • I’m so happy to see you on the garden beat! My eye immediately went to the charming illustration of Digitalis purpurea, aka Foxglove. It’s such a divine flower, and it won’t grow in my zone due to heat and humidity. It thrives in high altitudes and drier climates. I would like to suggest to you and the KIC community a beautiful bulb catalog offered by a plant nursery in Ann Arbor, Michigan ~ Old House Gardens – Heirloom Bulbs. It’s all online, of course, but the catalogs are keepers, always a beautiful cover illustration, and fascinating to read. The bulbs are expensive but if there is no market for them, they will disappear. They are not for mass planting, but selecting some of these treasures and planting in a prize location is worth waiting all winter for. For several years I have selected tulip bulbs introduced in the year our home was built, 1929-30, which I find at John Scheepers. It’s really true, when the world ceases to satisfy, there’s always the garden!

    PaulaFebruary 17th, 2024  12:32 AM

  • Many thanks Preston! Great updates indeed.

    KarenFebruary 17th, 2024  6:49 AM

  • From Kendall: Hi Preston, Vince made the blouse and Seafarer made the jeans XX

    PrestonFebruary 17th, 2024  7:35 AM

  • This was a fun round up. I’m with you on oval bangles, as they wrap the wrist more comfortably. For delightful coffee that lets us taste terroir, I am so happy that George Howell continues to share his finds. He sells delicious everyday coffees that showcase the big flavor differences between a Kenyan bean and a Guatemalan bean. He also sells rarer coffee, like Yemenese beans that are priced like good wine and are worth it!

    RMFebruary 18th, 2024  12:54 PM

  • Enjoyed this roundup, especially the gardening update. It’s like getting caught up with your chicest friend. I would not mind reading more of these.

    GeorgieFebruary 20th, 2024  4:33 AM

  • $151 for a white t.shirt??? Really??

    sandy abramsMarch 9th, 2024  10:26 PM


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