March 7th, 2024
It Item

Just What I Need

Phoebe Philo dropped the first delivery of her second edit this morning and I snapped up these flats. Just what I need.

  • GREAT!!!
    The sheer simplicity with just enough ‘oomph’ in the detail / stitching to provide the edge…..wonderful!

    b.March 7th, 2024  2:52 PM

  • I saw those, cute! I am still contemplating the Cabas bag though.

    TracyMarch 7th, 2024  4:14 PM

  • I am waiting for that black collared shirt with the elbow length sleeves. Swoon!

    CatherineMarch 7th, 2024  5:36 PM

  • The fringe slides are so fun! Love every piece in the collection.

    Lisa E.March 8th, 2024  7:14 AM

  • I don’t know – I just don’t see chic in these brown, round toe flats. I rarely wear flats, but if I did, the Chanel cap toes w/tie bow or a more feminine Blahnik version would suit me better.

    PaulaMarch 8th, 2024  12:21 PM

  • I wanted to add – I didn’t see these shoes in context of the collection. It’s very possible I don’t get the look! 🙂

    PaulaMarch 8th, 2024  7:20 PM

  • I hate to commit heresy, but I am not a fan of Phoebe Philo. Like Paula, I don’t quite get it. I did notice that Gianvito Rossi has similar shoes-although with a Mary Jane strap across the foot; some are flat, some with heels. These look quite chic.

    RebeccaMarch 9th, 2024  12:26 PM

  • All opinions (nicely stated) welcome. I often think twice about an item when someone explains why they dislike it. The suggestion of an alternative is also welcome. And, I appreciate that you respond to one another’s questions, that back-and-forth is helpful.
    On another note, the Saint Laurent satin slides were hard to walk in, so they went back. Not that they were a practical purchase to begin with… I’m going to be in Paris for a month, so I’m looking for a simple flat and I love this shade of brown. Trying to find a comfy flat as an alternative to sneakers and Belgian loafers is always a challenge for me. The only Chanel flats I own now are the denim slingbacks, which are coming with me. I am packing only things that rarely get worn. If I don’t wear something on this trip, I may give it away when I return. After all, if I don’t wear it in Paris, where will I wear it? xp

    PrestonMarch 9th, 2024  2:53 PM

  • Not a huge fan either. I love the looks of the Ava Two flat. Very similar with that front seam, but a nicer silhouette to my eye. But of course, go with what’s comfortable.

    KathyMarch 9th, 2024  3:40 PM

  • One of my favorite posts of you was in a pair of white Common Project sneakers with a skirt. So damn chic and way cooler than sambas. I still wear my Golden Goose Mid sneakers with skirts all the time, especially since nobody is wearing them much anymore which is a reason to wear them to me. Try those, you’d look adorable in them. And you still have your Chanel flats to wear too.

    TracyMarch 9th, 2024  7:55 PM

  • Soeur just launched very cute sneakers, I’ll pick up a pair and post on them.

    PrestonMarch 9th, 2024  7:58 PM

  • @preston- interesting approach to packing for your Paris trip. I usually do the opposite and only bring my favorites, then of course come home and ask myself why I have all this other stuff. Are you planning on buying new stuff as a backup or just powering through if you don’t like/wear/find uncomfortable the things you brought?

    bllMarch 11th, 2024  2:03 PM

  • Very good question….

    PrestonMarch 11th, 2024  2:41 PM


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