March 28th, 2024
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Meant To Be

When there was a delivery snafu with a pair of Phoebe Philo flats, Paula remarked “it wasn’t meant to be.” And, she was right, of course. Yesterday, while roaming around I spied the newest iteration of the Chanel Mary Janes in the rue Cambon shop window. I’ve resisted the Mary Jane trend, but these were like a siren song. Much more walkable than the flats I’d wanted, and I get why the strap style is popular — it’s practical. A very sweet salesperson informed me that this shoe sold out in three days. Maybe, she said, there is one pair in existence at the avenue Montaigne shop. En route I decided, if so, then they are meant to be. Et Voila! Thank you, Paula, you were right — these shoes were, indeed, meant to be. After Chanel I passed Brigitte Macron in the Tuileries, she was in very high heels and had perfect hair.

I like these Le Monde Beryl Mary Janes a lot, too.  Call me a convert.

I’d, also, resisted the pink trend. But the YSL lipstick gifted to me by a friend put me on a path. I’m going to pick up this Hermès Rosy Lip Enhancer  (& here) to add to my budding collection.

  • I was in Paris at the beginning of this week to see the Rothko and Impressionist shows. I wanted a block heel Chanel Mary Jane and my size was at the Avenue Montaigne store. I have never been to that store before but I loved it. Less crowded and great service. Also straps are great for narrow feet.

    MMSMarch 28th, 2024  5:15 AM

  • How lovely are those Mary Janes and there’s nothing quite like getting that special something overseas. Enjoy.
    I hope you get to see the Northern Lights this weekend In 2019 I saw them in Iceland and on the Hurtigruten en route Tromso to Kirkenes. Although, seeing the Aurora Australis in New Zealand many years ago when I had no idea what it was has to be my favourite sighting of this phenomenon.

    ClaireMarch 28th, 2024  6:11 AM

  • Bad weather in Norway the days I was going up. Heartbroken, but there will be a next time.

    PrestonMarch 28th, 2024  6:15 AM

  • What a pity! Next time.

    ClaireMarch 28th, 2024  6:24 AM

  • I recently bought the Le Monde Béryl Mary Jane “sandals” in black velvet and I absolutely love them. I thought they were a nice compromise on the Mary Jane look because of the d’Orsay cut out. I love the Chanel ones you picked up!!

    KateMarch 28th, 2024  6:26 AM

  • Definitely need a new lipstick and the YSL is the perfect shade.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy your shopping finds and Paris

    VickiMarch 28th, 2024  8:56 AM

  • I’ve been meaning to write to you about Mary Janes for a few weeks, but didn’t want to bother you. I finally. bought a pair of Alaia nude mesh Mary Janes and (although not wearable yet because of weather) they’re fantastic, and feel not too young for me. Your new Chanels are perfection. And so you.

    KathyMarch 28th, 2024  11:57 AM

  • Love the Mary Jane’s…I have a pair that gives a similar look to the pair on Net a Porter from Madewell that are VERY reasonable…comfortable enough that I bought a backup pair! A nice alternative.

    I also have and love that Hermes Lip Enhancer.

    SharonMarch 28th, 2024  12:17 PM

  • K! Always write to me! Miss you both, xp

    PrestonMarch 28th, 2024  2:21 PM

  • Preston, this is so fantastic! I can hear the enthusiasm in your post! I’m beyond excited for you!!

    PaulaMarch 28th, 2024  11:42 PM

  • Forgot to mention…the shoes themselves are quite possibly the most fabulous flat and Mary Jane made! They are, as Kathy says, absolute perfection!

    PaulaMarch 29th, 2024  10:24 AM

  • Love the shoes. These look like the version I wanted with the ankle strap that I never could get my hands on without the logo on the toe.

    TracyMarch 30th, 2024  9:46 AM

  • Sounds like the Mary jane style would be helpful for my narrow foot and heel. I do wonder how they look if one doesn’t have a thin- ish ankle. I’m always weary of dark straps across an ankle because it breaks up the line of the leg.

    BetsyApril 4th, 2024  8:54 AM


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