April 14th, 2024
On The Hunt For

A New Bag

I took two bags to Paris for three weeks and wore the brown Gucci 1955 Horsebit the entire time. The Saint Laurent Hobo is the perfect size, however burgundy is not my color. This Louis Vuitton Low Key Hobo MM caught my eye –  love the hardware, but it’s larger than I’d like. The hunt is on.

  • I am loving the single strap hobo style. It’s simple, practical and versatile. Have you checked out The Row N/S park tote in size medium? Toteme has a great option, but it is on the larger side.

    MarchelineApril 14th, 2024  9:52 AM

  • I like the hardware on this bag.

    PrestonApril 14th, 2024  9:57 AM

  • I fell in love with this LV hobo, too. But the size gave me pause. Look how large it is on this tall model! I think I’ll pull out my Celine camel leather hobo from years past. Looks very similar.

    lkaApril 14th, 2024  11:25 AM

  • Funny, I’ve been carrying my 2014 Celine hobos, too. They never seem to get old.

    PrestonApril 14th, 2024  12:25 PM

  • Imagine if this is your only worry.

    GigiApril 15th, 2024  8:15 AM

  • Have never carried a hobo style bag, but this is really stylish! I love the way the interior is fitted out + the color ensures it’s possible to see /locate what’s inside.

    PaulaApril 15th, 2024  11:28 AM


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