June 3rd, 2024
On My Mind

Current Mood: A Red Dress & Gold Sandals

Along with the summer temperatures came a summer mindset — I am not interested in uniform dressing or building a capsule wardrobe right now. A red dress, gold sandals, and a new fragrance that will remind me of the summer of 2024 are what I crave.

Top image courtesy the June/July issue of Harper’s Bazaar France

  • Thank you for this inspiration! I just brought my favorite gold sandals out of storage; my red dresses are next. Now for the fragrance.

    CtnyJune 3rd, 2024  12:42 PM

  • Love it!! Have a grand time and enjoy following your muse! Life is short.

    Lisa FJune 3rd, 2024  7:35 PM

  • Yessss, count me in!
    Something gold really does magic for any outfit.
    Have fun !

    VJune 4th, 2024  2:20 AM

  • I’m feeling the call to a red dress, too. But a simple easy just under the knee dress that will feel cool to wear on a hot day and pair with the Agnes Baddoo cross sandal (which I’d like to buy but I’m hesitating bc she doesn’t do returns. Preston do you or your readers know how her sizing runs? She lists UK sizes but I wonder if they are actually US sizes). I’m loving the gold sandal you posted too but for me that will call me toward the end of summer as gold (and white) only suit me with an old tan…. Oh summer, I can’t wait. It was a looong winter this one.

    SwanJune 5th, 2024  12:54 PM

  • Hi Swan, thanks for your inquiry! Our Cross Sandals (with padded insoles for continuous wear comfort) run true to size, the size chart lists US/EU/UK sizes plus inch/cm width + length measurements and in the Terms, there is a Sandal Exception allowing for exchanges to facilitate the perfect fit. Feel free to drop us a line if you have further questions. Thanks again for your interest!

    AgnesJune 9th, 2024  9:16 AM

  • Thank you Agnes. The sandals look gorgeous. If I order a size 7 on your site, is that a US 7 or a UK 7? In the photos it lists the uk sizes beside what appears to be the insole measurement for us sizes. But perhaps it just is my screen (or browser) and the complete photo got cut?

    SwanJune 9th, 2024  6:27 PM


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